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Could somebody please explain to me why Junior Panorama has come and gone so early in the Panorama season, especially as the season is effectively five months long?

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Ingrid, I guess the general idea was to spread out everything so people can focus on each activity.

Cecil, that would probably make sense to those who live in Trinidad and Tobago but what about the visitors?

I would say that you have a PRESIDENT who does not have a CLUE and is only making change to SAY THAT she made change. For example: She changed SINGLE and SMALL to November and December but she DISREGARDED the fact that there will be NO TRANCHE from the Government until January -- FUNDAMENTAL ERROR!!!

But Cecil and Earl say and the Trivial People say that she is THE GREATEST.

Consider the big bands that have junior bands and/or lend pans and racks to school bands: having junior panorama so early makes it easier on those parent bands when it's crunch time. Also consider that the day that normally had junior panorama is now the date of medium finals in Tobago. Finally, having been to several junior panoramas, the attendance wasn't such to indicate that convenience for visitors is a significant enough factor to consider.


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