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KEEP PAN IN CARNIVAL by making it MANDATORY that all Panorama finalists in all categories make and appearance on the road on Carnival Monday or Tuesday or face being discipline.

Many Steelbands in all categories enter Panorama and if they fail to move on to the next round pack up their instruments and wait for appearance and assistance to bands payments and you will not hear from them again until next Panorama. Why can the powers that be make it mandatory for all panorama finalists in all categories to make an appearance on the road Carnival Monday or Tuesday or face being discipline After all we want to see and hear PAN on the road on Carnival days and not Panorama alone. Steelband and Calypso is our culture and belongs in Carnival, Visitors come from all over the world to experience our culture, Expats are keeping our culture alive all over the world and the locals must do the same by KEEPING PAN IN CARNIVAL. 

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Trinidad and Tobago is a free country, isnt it?

earl richards, I for one love your topic, at this time it will take a constant bombardment of comments on the importance of the involvement of the syeelband in carnival to convince the powers that be that their attitude toward this area of our culture is unacceptable.

No powers that be have the authority to tell people in Trinidad and Tobago if they can play Mas or not, far less, which bands or steelbands should come out on the roads to play on carnival days. Trinidad and Tobago is a free country, and THAT freedom is expressed on carnival days especially. Our ancestors fought for that freedom late 1800's early 1900's. You can ask nicely, doh tell them.

Yes! Free and Dumb is a bitter pill to swallow. “Freedom” emancipate ourselves from this mental slavery.

This is my thinking on this; the Bands are paying members of Pan Trinbago, the World Governing Body for The Steel Pan, so they (PT) have the authority to penalize the bands who fail to comply with this new rule if enacted. They (steel bands) are penalized for other infringements in the Panorama competition. They will have to accept the same consequence for pan on the road. It CAN be DONE and bands can live with it.

Time to rewrite the rules to bring Pan on the Road.

Not on Carnival days!!

I don't think the suggestion has anything to do with being free or not being free but to encourage and include a SPACE for pan music (chip chip) as sponsored feature on the road.


And if not, disciplined?? Whey we livein??

BERTEL you said MANDATORY and FREE whey we living. I am sure you were upset  a few years ago when your favorite band had a problem getting fans and supporters of the stage  and rumor was the band was penalized for  spending too much  time on stage and points were deducted which may have cause them the Panorama title, you did not say  we free and your band could stay as long as they like on stage. also in 1987 a band played a fantastic performance on stage and rumor had it that the tune was too long and it cause them the title, they  made up for it in the I.C.P. Exodus had too many players on stage a few years ago and they took a long time to start and members were behind their pans on stage but could not play because it was MANDATORY for them to follow the rules. How would you feel when your band win Panorama and do not make an appearance on the road on Carnival days .

earl, yuh cant tell people what and where to play on carnival days. The traffic lights are off, you cant even tell them where to go. Thats my point.

Bertel: Dem fellahs leave and went away and leave you in charge but you are not doing a good job at all -- that is why dey fantasizing and pieintheskying and complaining so. Yuh was supposed to keep PAN ON THE ROAD and instead yuh let the DEE JAYS take over town. If dem fellahs did stay in Trinidad PAN woulda been all over town STILL -- rolling on the ground with man and woman pushing.

Man still coming on this forum and saying WHAT PANTRINBAGO SHOULD BE DOING. That is the biggest GAP IN KNOWLEDGE anybody could display.

The binoculars are out in full, Claude!


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