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KEEP PAN IN CARNIVAL by making it MANDATORY that all Panorama finalists in all categories make and appearance on the road on Carnival Monday or Tuesday or face being discipline.

Many Steelbands in all categories enter Panorama and if they fail to move on to the next round pack up their instruments and wait for appearance and assistance to bands payments and you will not hear from them again until next Panorama. Why can the powers that be make it mandatory for all panorama finalists in all categories to make an appearance on the road Carnival Monday or Tuesday or face being discipline After all we want to see and hear PAN on the road on Carnival days and not Panorama alone. Steelband and Calypso is our culture and belongs in Carnival, Visitors come from all over the world to experience our culture, Expats are keeping our culture alive all over the world and the locals must do the same by KEEPING PAN IN CARNIVAL. 

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Mr. Earl Richards

You said the following:

After all we want to see and hear PAN on the road on Carnival days and not Panorama alone.

So let me ask you a question. When you go to a panyard around carnival time, do you hear the bands playing any other music besides their Panorama tune?

Your answer may determine why our steelbands have lost a following on carnival days, and why they no longer come out on the road.

Z ROWE the steelband I am associated with had a full repertoire of 2016 tunes that they played on the road for Carnival 2016. Our junior band and the road side  learned over a dozen 2016 tunes, add that to the stage side tunes our masqueraders were given a great time on Carnival days with  our youth band having a ball and playing most of the time. If you come to the pan yard early you will hear the youth and the road side learning and practicing the repertoire for the road, but if you come late around 9.00pm or 10.00pm that is when you may only hear the Panorama tune being practice by the whole band which includes the stage, youth, road and panorama sides. I do not visit other panyards for Carnival. Hope that answers your question.

It must be the other way around. The "Powers that be" (generally mean government and PT) concerning pan, should pay up the Panorama fees and prize money on time by law (mandatory) . Plus they should pay $50,000 for every new song other than the Panorama song to each band that is willing to come out, plus every player should be paid $2000.00 for playing. All payments mad by the powers that be.Then may be then you may see a return of the steelbands on the road for carnival. But the powers that be can't stop them from being overrun by the big blaring trucks of soca music. Now all  these payments should be done before Monday or Tuesday carnival so that players can buy their food from the wayside vendors. Is that possible? Yes on another planet but not on this one and especially in T&T. Stop dreaming guys that wont ever happen again. The story can be different if the pan sounds are played through electronics and that is possible on this planet and in T&T to be exact. Listen to this song by Stevie Wonder.

http://www.21stcenturypan.com/riffjammz/pastime.mp3.  Stop living in the past guys. Live in the present.

This behavior Earl Richards have to do with 'eat ah food mentality'. Carnival Culture is non existent in the minds of many, so here lies the problem. Pan should be on the road for carnival, all steel-bands. Continue begging and lets see how far pan will go. Players getting free tuition and free instrument to practice/play on, for many months, and come carnival Monday and Tuesday they all crying for money to bring their band on the road. This behavior remind me of an unruly young boy asked to take out the garbage by his dad, and he says no I am going to do it.

The only sure way to bring pan back on the road for carnival is MONEY…the same kinda money that is pumped into Panorama…Panmen will not play on the road for carnival for free…walking, riding or flying...

 If we have a carnival day for the steelband, we could have a bomb competition for the same prize money.

Merrytonestothebone: Panmen in TRINIDAD will not play on the road for free walking, riding or flying; however, if certain posters on this forum keeping posting the suggestion over and over and over again dem PANMEN might just read this forum and decide to start playing and pushing PAN ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL AGAIN.


In yuh dreams….

I believe in more of a carrot approach than a stick approach.

And there will be no need  to penalize anyone

The big secret is that bands are following the panorama money , and hoping for a big payoff with a win.

If the streets are made as financially rewarding (or even more so ) as the panorama , the bands will follow the money.

That's the carrot approach.

And btw , on the subject of "pan pushing" , in these hard times , if they pay the pan pushers the money they pay the big trucks and tractors , I'd bet there'd be no shortage of pushers! 

And furthermore , we have to remember that money isn't "given" to the steelbands , but invested in the culture.

The fruits of this investment may not be seen directly at the individual player or even band level , but in the nation's revenue because of increased tourism and business profits based on steelband and cultural activities.

So money invested on the steelbands should be seen as their share of this increased national income , and deservedly so.

Glenroy: You made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

"Invested in the culture?"

Yes , Claude.

Why is that so funny ?

Either you don't think our culture is worthy of investment,


you think steelband isn't culture?


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