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KEEP PAN IN CARNIVAL by making it MANDATORY that all Panorama finalists in all categories make and appearance on the road on Carnival Monday or Tuesday or face being discipline.

Many Steelbands in all categories enter Panorama and if they fail to move on to the next round pack up their instruments and wait for appearance and assistance to bands payments and you will not hear from them again until next Panorama. Why can the powers that be make it mandatory for all panorama finalists in all categories to make an appearance on the road Carnival Monday or Tuesday or face being discipline After all we want to see and hear PAN on the road on Carnival days and not Panorama alone. Steelband and Calypso is our culture and belongs in Carnival, Visitors come from all over the world to experience our culture, Expats are keeping our culture alive all over the world and the locals must do the same by KEEPING PAN IN CARNIVAL. 

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Well, you heard it from d Grand Master!! True??

Yuh missin' de point Bertel…once yuh payin'…I wukkin"…Doh ask meh to wuk for FREE…Playing pan on the road for carnival is hard work too...

Merrytones, most Trinis are not as committed as you are.

Yes Bertel,  the Grand master also said , do ask me to Wuk for Carnival ... especially when them Steelband start to rock.

Earl Richards: Yuh start a topic (with great concern for PAN ON THE ROAD) and Mr. Merrytones just came up with the most brilliant ideas (expanding on your topic) to bring back PAN ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL.

I would think that you and Cecil and Glenroy would grab his idea and try to implement it. Even though I DOH BELONG TO THE PAN NOSTALGIA BRIGADE and personally believe that societies evolve to suit their own resident populations (and not the needs of EXPATS RESIDING OUTSIDE) I really think that MERRYTONES made a great contribution even to the point of tempting me to get involved.

So time to turn TALK into ACTION.

I know what I speak of, and Kitch's calypso applies to ME and most of us that are addicted to the SPIRIT of carnival in Trini even now. Some time ago, PM Manning was contemplating closing all schools in the country for the carnival week. WHY?? Because of the low or no productivity in the country because of the celebrations. On carnival days, everything close, nothing happens! Arent Panman/women Trinis too?? Probably, this is one of the reasons that the DJ's are so popular too?? I dont know - maybe!?

Earl Richards…doh find ah farse, but yuh start off bad with this one by suggesting that Finalists in all categories must be mandated to play on the road…or face disciplinary action etc…Who tell you that these finalists will get the necessary player support after the Panorama competition period? In the first place the band of mercenaries that carry these bands through to Finals have no real interest in anything else but Panorama. They not coming back to learn no new music till next year.

The only bands that could appear on the road are bands that actually have membership and presently those are few and far between. Because Panorama has no rules and panmen can play with any band unchecked, young people no longer have the commitment to any one band. All bands have to be included in this pan-on-the-road affair. I believe it would make sense to offer a choice as it were, Panorama or the Road. Personally I would choose the Road over Panorama…once proper compensation is offered.

Merrytonestothebone no harm done we needed your intelligent imput the things we use to do for free as steelband men and women in the old days are not free any more.  and as you said money is the answer, maybe it is.  BLESSINGS.


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