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Kes says --- Everybody saying Iwer win.... I sing too...

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Is only ONE and a HALF times that "THE OTHERS" win ROAD MARCH ...  take yuh HALF and BE HAPPY KES.

Collaboration can be complicated sometimes, know your STRENGTHS...at least it wasn't ah tie.

Iwer George - Carnival Come Back Again [2000 Roadmarch]

Super Blue - Soca Matrix [2000 Roadmarch

Iwer & Kes Live

That's right , the song was sung by 2 singers and both names should be mention as the shared winner, not one.  Politics it would never changed.

JOY: One could say that KES was looking for a FREE ROAD MARCH RIDE and he GOT IT!!! I don't think that it is POLITICS -- I see it as part of the CULTURAL DIVIDE in TRINIDAD!!!

Kes say..."everybody say"...I wonder what Iwer says?...

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ talks...

It look like IWER OUTSMART KES!!!

When THE SONG was FIRST RELEASED it was KES and IWER but by the time the ROAD MARCH FEVER HIT ... the PAPERS was only saying IWER. At one point I had to go back and check to make sure that is the same song that KES was on that they were talking about.

So, KES have ah point ... but I have to go back to my favourite line from Richard Pryor: That's the POLITICS, baby!!!


We all loose in politics

Very succinct response -- I LIKE IT!!!

A wonderful tribute to T&T Carnival 2020!

American celebrity raves about her fantastic experience in Trinidad for Carnival 2020.

Official TUCO results both names mentioned.


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