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They should stop throwing out the high and low scores and add everything together.

They have audio deficiencies in  their musical analysis of what is good music.  desperadoes music of Hammer Time is a musical  GEM and they by passed this for Jam.


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I still cant understand what Despers did wrong with that gem as you put it to place that low, I agree time to get some foreign judges to mark this thing

Despers need to get rid of their 'OLD STYLE'. Even their players look very old compare to phase11, silver stars, all stars, Exodus, Invaders. This band needs uptempo, gone are the days of Clive Bradley music, reminisce how much you want about titles and music, Despers are losing the foot race yearly to the youth.

Despers music is for old people, slow and melody similar to years gone by. Reminds me of the tune Pink Panther sung to win the calypso monarch 2013. I always like Despers but times are changing. Next, the old stalwarts on the band should encourage their youth to play pan and stop the violence.

To All Desperadoes Haters: There is a conspiracy to dethrone some of the historical steel bands. Wack Radio hires only announcers from the west to make comments for the past few years and some of the judges likewise. You are such a disrespectful  and  arrogant speaker. Music is one profession any one can perform even when they get older. Bands like Phase II, Exodus, and All Stars have more than 50% of their members that are older . They are the CORE DNA OF THESE BANDS. What they do is they place all the younger players up front and the older ones in the rear and  in the engine room. However, Desperadoes does not do that they place everyone in various racks with a set pattern. Stop the age discrimination and have some respect for experience. Why do you think Desperadoes music is so well played?  It is the experience of the players and the band do have many young players.  If you all are so against age you will have to fire your arranger Mr. Sharpe, Smooth Edwards and Ray Holman. They are all what you say are old. You can put some young players to arrange Jab Jab music to jump and Flam on the Drums. Do some research of the Great Robert Greenidge  and you would see he is world class.

I do hope when you get older you will stop playing if you do play any type of instrument.

The musician

I agree Despers piece is a musical gem they should have placed second, because Phase II piece is a MUSICAL MASTERPIECE.


Befuddling.I have no probelm with Phase11 winning.but to put Desperadoes6th instead of second is criminal. One noted former judge echoed the same thing ..about the need for foreign judges. Imagine that Desperadoes has not placed in the top [3] since 2005 [ACTION]. I feel for them.

You are so right, I believe Desperadoes should have been second, there always have been a problem with judging in Panorama and it is about time for a change to include foreign judges. 1.  Phase II 2. Desperadoes 3. Exodous

You are letting your natural bias come into play of a particular band that you support.  What do foreigners know of our musical culture?  Our arrangers use their own talented ideas as to what they want to portray in our local music.  No problem with foreigners judging music originating from a foreign source as they would be readily acquainted with the musical standard to be achieved. Keep foreigners out of our local business!  The next thing you may advise  is that foreigners should come here to teach us how to sing calypso. 

There is no bias here, music is music you should listen to all the bands and then tell me I am incorrect.

To all the naysayers, listen to Phase II, Despers and Exodus again and tell me I am wrong.

I don't think there is any bias here and I agree with you that our judges have there own unique way of assessing these panorama arrangements but there is also a possibility of bias from our judges music being a subjective artform. For example if the judges assessed based on the criteria, Phase 2 should have won in 2012 with "Archbishop" and; All stars in 2006 with "Soca Warriors". In other words too many judging discrepancies.

well said Miguel

@Trevor Harewood. What doesn't "Foreigners" know about your musical Culture? Little did you know, a "foreigner" may know more about you than you of yourself. That is just to say, for you to say a "foreigner" is not capable of judging your panorama is you being totally ignorant to the fact that 1, Panorama and the Steelpan culture exist in other caribbean islands and in other parts of the world. 2 There are many other countries that contributed to the development of the Steelpan art form as you now know it and 3 Trinidadians and the rest of the Caribbean needs realize that their is an entire world of this musical instrument existing outside of tnt and the Caribbean; to the point where on some levels, the Caribbean "can be seen" as behind. N.B. "on Some Levels" 



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