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They should stop throwing out the high and low scores and add everything together.

They have audio deficiencies in  their musical analysis of what is good music.  desperadoes music of Hammer Time is a musical  GEM and they by passed this for Jam.


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I had Phase 2 first, Desperadoes 2nd and All Stars 3rd. In my view the "judging problem"will never end, whether foreign or locals are used. Too many people believe that the right result should be their result.I want a return of five score sheets and not drop the highest and lowest,although the reason given for dropping highest and lowest was that a judge may have a favorite or home town band and be bias to score high and shaft their competitor by scoring real low,so what do we really do?

another year another set of arguments about the results blah ,blah ,blah as an all stars fan congrats to phase 11 they did what they had to do to dethrone the champs and they did, don't bash all stars they never as usual lost the essence of their tune,and despers to me was great,  . As i watch what we have here musically its a pity this can't go futher all those dedicated musicians who love their pan our culture. For the country that developed the sweetest instrument its a pity to see where we are now.

This discussion reminds me of my student tenure in the UK in the 1970s. The Nothing Hill carnival in its formative years experienced a troubled pass with the second generation Caribbean youths coming down from the North & Midlands and would congregate in front in front of rasta blasters listening to reggae & dub all day so that when the Steelbands pass the DJ will not lower the volume. Eventually there were riots & many arrests.  

The police had the gall to tell us that they had to teach us how to enjoy carnival. Needless to say, they themselves had to go to Trinidad Carnival to understand the culture of carnival. 


I disagree with having foreign judges.  Every year there will be controversy about the judging.  Judging is always fair and unfair in people's minds.  With that said, I believe Despers should have come second.  Also, Silver Stars placed too low in my opinion.

we don't need foreign judges if we use judges with a knowledge of Pan music/arrangements and who use the criteira of the competition. Interpretation of a 2013 calypso; presentation, rhythm and tonal quality. Is the arrangement following in the calypso vein?; is the presentation "local" in the spirit of carnival or festival/classical leaning? Rhythm and tonal quality should not be a problem to judge. hvl

As a matter of interest Harry.
There is no criteria for Presentation.
In fact the word "presentation" does not appear anywhere on the adjudicator's score sheet.
That presentation myth is one that refuses to die.

Michael you are so right "bounce and drive " does not have the humph, I am still to hear the actual song so many pan songs boy o boy, but listening to the verse and chorus itself it sounds like a jam line, more like arrangements than a song it self, a far cry from play yuhself, (last year) they looked real good though, as far as foreign judges they to are Biased, I love andy Narrell, but he was serving a contential breakfast at the dinner table and foreign judges would have placed him high just because he is not a Trini,and they are fans of his music, Boogsie did what all stars did last year sticked to the music and just flavoured it up, in the videos I have despers higher but in the Audio they were too polished, this is carnival and the carnival spirit was there very much in despers , but not enough show stoppers, you got to have something to bring the house down, they did but it was a steady nice Jam, I know Robbie was on tour on the last leg, and did not ge nuff time to engineer the performance like he had more dynamics in the semis and prelims sue, how about a panel after the show to assess the music like music proffessors around the globe to give the bands a grading to add to the judges scores then declare a winner

to say u did not hear bounce and drive all through their performance is a lie

Codallo, for me the main thing people should pay attention to in all these pan opinionated  discussions is your last sentence ...for the  country that developed the sweetest instrument,it's a pity to see where we are now. We must focus on carrying pan forward globally,with proper marketing and workshops all over the world.There are those of us who can only do so much when we travel and do workshops ,show DVD's and demonstrate playing and tuning techniques.I can tell you, there is room for so much more to be done, that will create sustainable employment for years to come.

Should this be done by the government, pan trinbago, private enterprise? I know it is done by foreigners who come here and gather a wealth of knowledge and go to schools in their respective countries and earn a good living.

To Curtis Edwards:

                                did you guys got a copy of your score sheets? i read in the newspaper thar Robert was awaiting a copy of the score-sheet before commenting. I curious as to what the judges comments on Desperadoes performance. Perhaps Desperadoes should not follow the judges criteria ..other bands are not follwing the criteria... By the way.Have not heard TOP FLIGHT BASS WORK in such a long Time.

Whats wrong with you people blogging today and this Despers? The band played a very very SLOW TUNE, the arranger did not bring out the sweetness as Bradley would have, and they are competing with youth. Look at Phase 11, look at the young foreigners, look at the energy, the enjoyment, jumping,smiling, while performing. Even All Stars had the crowd, with a very non-melodic tune.

WTF are you saying?  That Orchestras like Desperadoes, Fonclaire, Redemption Sound should get young, fair skin foreigners to jump and smile while playing? Are you also saying that a Panorama tune should be so fast that if played on the road (where Pan should be) no one would be able to wine and enjoy it? Are you also implying that the judges (who are OLD) appreciate seeing young people in the front line so the Orchestras get more points? As far as I am aware final score sheets do not have comments.


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