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Land Management and Steelbands Survival and Sustainability


Posted on May 23, 2021 at 12:03pm - “The future of many steel bands in Trinidad and Tobago hang in the balance, business cannot continue as usual.”

I went on to say in that open letter to the next president of Pantrinbago Aquil Arrindelll,

“Security of tenure could propel bands to sustainability faster than bands not similarly disposed. Many bands still call nowhere home. A deficiency bands must address in-house. Partial responsibility may lie elsewhere and dialogue may be necessary to initiate decisive action.”

I am convinced that someone at the corner of Duke and Melbourne streets is paying attention. Someone seems to have understood that, “Partial responsibility may lie elsewhere…”, even with them, and initiated action.

The president of Pantrinbago went on to exercise the sweeping powers that the constitution has vested in her, and established a land management committee.

What should be expected of such a committee? 

One compulsory deliverable should be the component of management in land policy.

Land policy may be associated with:

  • Security of tenure.
  • Land markets (particularly land transactions and access to credit),
  • Property tax.
  • Sustainable management.
  • Control of land use, and the environment.
  • Provision of land for landless bands.
  • Implementation of measures to prevent land speculation.
  • Management land disputes.

How can such a committee benefit the membership of the parent organization to whom it’s reportable?

By ensuring proper management of rights, restrictions. responsibilities and risks in relation to property and land.

Their functions could include but should not be limited to the areas of;

  1. Tenure (securing and transferring rights ),
  2. Value (valuation and taxation of land and properties),
  3. Use optimization (planning and control of the use of land and property)
  4. Land development (implementing utilities, infrastructure and construction planning).

Land management may be described as, the operational processes involved in implementing land policies in comprehensive and sustainable ways. The value of describing and defining what land management is, may be insignificant considered the importance of highlighting why land management is necessary. In the absence of the committee's terms of reference, or mission statement, it may be unreasonable to comment prematurely on what range of interrelated systems and processes may fall within this committee's purview relative to what is land management.

During the lifetime existence of the steelband in Trinidad and Tobago, land management issues have always presented challenges to their survival and sustainability. Therefore it may not be unreasonable to conclude that the establishment of a land management committee is necessary if properly constituted, and commissioned.

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Russell: Yuh give meh ah good laugh this morning -- expanding BEVERLEY'S BOUNDARIES.

The LAND MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE appointed by BEVERLEY is focused strictly on CUTTING BUSH and PLANTING CORN and OKRA!!!  And even that is just a CHARADE!!!


Yuh really need a BIG COMMITTEE to weed some bush and plant some corn an okra? Gregory Lindsay coulda pick up a few VENNIES and plant out all that land in a week. He eh need no BIG COMMITTEE to do that.

Sir, I do not believe that Beverley Ramsey Moore is so bankrupt to establish a land management committee to oversee two (2) hectares of land, five (5) acres. That would be the most backward decision any leader would have ever taken.

Mr. Gonzales, I firmly believe that the man who told the world that he unilaterally amended the constitution of Pantrinbago, should be educating the steelband fraternity (and this global forum), what services he provided to deserve $1,441,995.00 TTD as an events coordinator between 2013 and 2016, and not what is land management. If you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the newly established land management committee, please share it with this global audience. 

"should be educating the steelband fraternity (and this global forum), what services he provided to deserve $1,441,995.00 TTD as an events coordinator between 2013 and 2016," that was done in the last show.

...and you are satisfied that $1,441,995.00 TTD was deservedly earned by a gentleman who may have spent most of his time as a senior public servant, while moonlighting as an events coordinator fleecing the state, and panmen?

Then who do you believe was shortchanged;

The public service of the Steelband movement?

So if the events manager earned $1,441,995.00 TTD, then the CEO and the manager of Administration were UNDERPAID?

Then the former CEO deserves the luxury vehicles that he was denied.

Remember that while you are satisfied that this clown earned almost 1.4M TTD, panmen have been denied 1 grand.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other?

I being satisfied was never the issue.

You asked for an explanation, one that you are suggesting that should be given on my show and I am simply pointed you to the show where he gave an explanation. 

it is up to persons to take the information and process in which ever way they can and make their own truth from all the perspectives available to them.

What is the definition of a band? Mr. Bryon F. Serrette or the host never answered that question, or suggested what they believe it should be.

On the subject, Is it convenient for any Pantrinbago executive to amend the constitution, effectively removing "some" of the sweeping powers it invests in the office of president? Is is convenient for any administration to amend the constitution to complicate the definition of a bona fide steelband, to restrict the number of delegates that can be influenced, or bought to vote for them?

Mr Serrette spoke Beetham, Forres Park and Heights of Guanapo full of rubbish (I covered garbage dumps in north, south and east) as it relates to what land management is. Total jackassness and bullshit to highlight or attempt to emphasize on the expertise and/or experience, or resumes of members of the committee, rather than WHAT is land management. So when did Ian Clarke, and Kanhai disembark?

Mr Serrette is absolutely idiotic to suggest to a prospective president of Pantrinbago that a land management committee is unnecessary.

I do not believe that Mr Arrindell is that bankrupt to lean towards that opinion.

I do not believe that Mr Arrindell is so dotish or uninformed to believe that the former PETROTRIN's now abandoned headquarters on the highway in Gasparillo has gone unnoticed.

So Aquil Arrindell encouraged me to sit for two (2) hours and five (5) minutes, yes for two (2) hours and five (5) minutes to hear to Bryon Serrette tell the world WHAT IS LAND MANAGEMENT. Not for one (1) minute did the corrupt Bryon Serrette explain to anyone WHAT LAND MANAGEMENT IS.

Bryon Serrette is questioning the suitability of Beverley Ramsey Moore's land management committee, and their qualifications and experience in land management.

Mr Serrette fleeced panmen, the steelband fraternity, and the state of 1.5M TTD as an events coordinator. 

WHAT DID HE COORDINATE BETWEEN 2013 and 2016 to earn $1,444,995.00 TTD?

Aquil, six of one half a dozen of the other will not cut it.



THE MONEY YOU STOLE WHILE IN OFFICE COULD HAVE GONE TOWARDS THE HEADQUARTERS MR SERRETTE (I will not forget that or the half finished PETROTRIN headquarters on the Solomon Hochoy highway {named after a chinese man} Aquil).


You know people in high office, you are connected that is all you related for two hours!

Aquil, please get someone who knows what land management is, to explain to your listening audience what is land management, or leave Beverley and her committee alone!

When Can You come ? 

You don't need dinosaurs like me the address the steelband fraternity on the subject of land management, or any other topic for that matter sir. This is 2021 not 1961. Get the perspective of the millennials and Gen Z who make up the vast majority of the human capital of the steelband movement. The steelband fraternity is overloaded with qualified and experienced young professionals, who have a burning desire to share elements of their knowledge, training and experience with your audience, and the wider steelband community. Young people who know where they would want to see themselves, their bands, and the steelband movement in the future.

People like me and the gentleman who hoodwinked you into believing that he can intelligently conduct a discourse on land management have our roles to play. Our role in not frontline. We had our CHANCES and failed miserable. If the baton of continuity cannot be passed willingly, you too, could be set up to look like you dropped it. 

Sense make before book bredda!

In this month of the steelband, on the eve of an ill advised world steelpan day that cannot be rationally, or intelligently explained by either Professor Brian Copeland, Dr. Kim Johnson, the knowledgable Nestor Sullivan, Salah Wilson or anyone else who claims to be, or is an accepted local and international authority on the steelpan, the following is what Beverley Ramsey Moore tells the NEWSDAY today in an article Pan Trinbago focuses on economic sustainability

"Pan Trinbago's agricultural thrust, Plant Trinbagrow, is another way the organisation plans to further generate income. The objective of the project is to grow crops, package then and sell then under a Pan Trinbago label. But, Ramsey-Moore said, actually getting the project off the ground has been hampered by the pandemic. She is instead hoping to have that up and running in 2022.

A land management committee has already been appointed, but because the organisation was unable to raise any revenue from Panorama (its main revenue stream), the project was shelved for a bit. However, she said, the land management team has started some backyard gardening."

Stop mamaguying steelbands and panmen in the twilight of your tenure Madam outgoing president.

This what outgoing president Beverley Ramsey Moore's Land Management Committee should be doing. Instead they are planting a little backyard garden in TrincityThat is Gregory Lindsay's forte Mrs Ramsey Moore. Why is he not leading that initiative?

Keith Scotland says the Spree Simon project is going to be on his front burner, while the presidential land management committee is doing backyard gardening in Trincity.

Please announce a date for election without delay madam. 


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