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Large Band Panorama 2020 Finals Results - Desperadoes Steel Orchestra Cops 12th Championship

Panorama 2020 Results - Desperadoes Steel Orchestra Takes 12th Championship with Arranger Carlton “Zanda” Alexander

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Desperadoes Steel Orchestra is the Panorama 2020 champion, copping the orchestra’s twelfth title, along with the bp Challenge Trophy and TT$1,000,000.00 first prize.  With arranger Carlton “Zanda” Alexander’s musical image of “More Sokah” Desperadoes left its ten challengers in the proverbial dust.  With this title, Desperadoes once again takes the lead with the most national Panorama championships.  Renegades Steel Orchestra which was going for a three-peat having won in 2019, was relegated to a tie for second with Trinidad All Stars.


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How did Exodus fall so far out of the Top 3? Desperadoes tempo was a few rpm's to fast which affected their cohesiveness. They were not as tight and as clean as Renegades, All Stars or Exodus. SMH!!!

Despers won, last night, no unfair decisions here. Exodus did not bring it last night[ need to install canopy s to improve sound].  Phase II brought it last night, and thats about it, I don't believe lacking anything, maybe their  tune of choice was not enough to bring out the spirit of carnival, not noticeable in their performance.Tough competition. The tone of Despers pans were incredible. Likewise, Renegades did not perform last night to beat Despers. I believe this was one of the best final steel-band competitions all time.

I heard the entire competition on I95.5FM online. I guess with no visual and a subpar live audio stream i didn't hear the performances as the judges did. I'm about to listen to the entire competition again.....this time with full visual and far better audio on youtube. 

Try the post from WACK TV


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