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Large Bands moving on to 2012 Panorama Finals - Official Results

Large Bands moving on to 2012 Panorama Finals  

1 Phase II Pan Groove 268
1 Trinidad All Stars 268
3 Silver Stars 263
4 Exodus 262
5 Renegades 254
6 Redemption Sound Setters 253
7 Fonclaire 250
7 Harmonites 250
7 Tropical Angel Harps 250
10 Invaders


10 Siparia Deltones 246

Click for full results in the 2012 Large Conventional Steel Orchestra Semi-Finals rounds

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I cud understand that argument AFTER a finals when ppl saying who the judges thief.. lol But not for a great arrangement as such (ANDRE/DESPERS) to be placed 12th / Not into the next round... Clearly the judges dont even know what they want or looking for..

Well my ears don't lie and I listened to Deltones and to Despers and if Despers got beaten by one point and kept out I would really love to see that score sheet. It has nothing to do with the great Despers not making the finals and people furious, it can happen but in my simple judgement not this time, no way no how most of all not by Deltones, that is total madness.

Last year it was Renegades. This is year Despers.  HMMM!!!. Is this some kind of message to the big bands?Who will be next year ?



On Cadiz Road.

When was the last time that Despers was not in the FINALS ?

these judges are f...ing crazy there are just wicked to despers but god dont sleep the only good thing to come out laventille i guess these judges really dont know music even if kicked them in ass good job ANDRE  WHITE dont let that get u down


WHY ARE PEOPLE BEING SO NEGATIVE ABOUT THE JUDGES ?.   ANDRE WHITE HAS BEEN HERE FOR THE PAST TWO OR THREE YEARS ARRANGING FOR SFORZATA  with no results, and correct me if I am wrong.  LET ME ALSO ENLIGHTEN YOU ALL DELTONES HAVE BEEN TO THE FINALS FOR YEARS NOW and what do people mean by these ridiculous aspersions.  Every year when one of these big bands get left out all the nasties get out of the wood work talking aboiut sweet pan tuners and all sorts and today we have a new one "spiteing Andre White" because he was born in the USA, listen to his accent he spent endless time here and said so on his interview. 

Last year RENRGADES came with crap  and blamed the noise on the greens the same noise that DELTONES played throughh without distraction but with solid discipline.

Deltones played a song that was not know to some in the audience and Zander is an excellent arranger working with excellent pannist and equally well tuned pans as those of Despers, they did nit come there knowing that they would be in the final come what may so they played their arrangements and executed it WELL.

I am a Pan Fanatic Deltones is not my special band but dues are to be given where it has been earned. I could never imagine a PANORAMA without Desperado but there we are now it has happened. Andre White has many years to gie into his comfort zone with that band. REMEMBER PAN BY STORM that was 11/2 points GUANO on a South Band. Those bands exist and they CAN PLAY PAN

Sarah, I was about to say, i wish ppl would get to the heart of the matter and forget that is DESPERS... However, NO WAY in any form or fashion cud someone MUSICALLY point out to me why Andre;s arrangement deserves 12th place behind some of the filth that was RE_PLAYED / RE- ARRANGED, and RE-Formatted from previous years by the bands on the top spots.... Fair is Fair, it has nun to do with AGE or Nationality or the BAND...

We some times over look the fact that if players get up there ond one knock is out of place one noise is heard from an enthuisiatic Pannist or Drummer that also plays a factor in the band not being there, what we shoild be doing is asking what the judges HEARD that we did not.

There was only three serious repititions but that is for another conversation. Wait untill next year Despers will come back with a vengance, or they may take somebody to court and get put in.

Which is why i rarely comment on this site, but when i do you can be assured it's not a disheartened player. Because of my work in media i get probably one of the closest seats to the judges. And unless you telling me they have a lil ear piece hearing something special, we (those in my proximity) all heard pretty much the same thing. And based on what you saying (One kock outta place) i heard a few.. BUT those bands still inside... Let's be real, Panorama WAS about pan & music....

Hey, I am not a qualified musicians....eventhough I was exposed and played musical instruments b4 I was 10yrs. As a result, I have developed a clear understanding  and appreciation of  Music. Panorama semis was yesterday...we have at least 5 local tv channels and  a dozen local fm stations  and we haven't heard a replay of some of the wonderful music played yesterday. Could someone post  some of the music..  


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