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Large Steel Orchestra Finalists - Trinidad & Tobago National Steelband Panorama 2014

Global - With a tie in tenth position coming out of the semi finals, eleven large steel orchestras will vie for the title of 2014 Panorama champs come March 1, Carnival Saturday in Trinidad & Tobago.

Trinidad All Stars topped the fifteen bands which competed in this round, while title-defenders Phase II Pan Groove were placed in a three-way tie for third with Renegades and Desperadoes steel orchestras.

Starting not long after noon on Sunday February 16, bands in the medium category moved swiftly on and off stage.  Eventually, as an afterthought and completely overshadowed by the week-long ruckus created by the “Pan Pool” debacle - was the fact that this may have been the earliest-completed Panorama semi-final competition ever.  The large bands apparently did not do too badly themselves in terms of time-management, but it was still a source of wonder to find that Redemption Sound Setters sounded their last notes at 10:45 p.m. local time.  This brought the curtains down on performances uncharacteristically early, and even sooner than the 2013 semi-final showcase, which folded shortly after midnight. 

1. Allstars 274

2. Exodus 271
3. Renegades 263 (Tie)
3. Phase II 263 (Tie)
3. Desperadoes 263 (Tie)
6. Invaders 262
7. Silver Stars 257
8. Skiffle 255
9. Fonclaire 254
10. La Brea Nightingales 253 (Tie)
10. Tropical Angel Harps 253 (Tie)
12. Redemption Soundsetters
12. Harmonites 251

14.  Starlift 249
15.  birdsong 248

click for complete results and overall placement

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Hey Andy you gone again. Keep trying.
Glad to see you made it in Liam. If I were you I would change the song . Nobody knows the Reason. Play something they know so they can relate better .

If you recall there was a time when nobody knew what tune phase 11 was playing. When all the other bands were playing recognized tunes by the big name calypsonians. Kitchener's tunes were played over and over in the finals by more than half the bands. Now all the tunes are made specifically for pan and only two bands are playing the same tune. Makes the contest more interesting and will keep the judges more awake.

Saying nobody knows what tune Silver Stars is playing is looking for excuses. I am pretty sure the judges have score sheets and are familiar with the tune. Let's respect the arranger, after all they are in the finals.

Give the tune and the arranger a break. The finals are not yet over.

Silver Stars, please change the song.  If you want , change the arranger too.

Well said...

Totally agree Mr. Leiba with both your suggestions for Silver Stars to change the tune and the arranger.

Why? Does he know too much music?

Trevor, Since you are suggesting for Silver Stars to change their song and arranger would it be safe to say that one of the 4 Bands that did not qualify played better than Silver Stars? (just asking) 

shut up trevor

Yeah Yeah Skiffel you made it to the next round its now time to fine tune the marriage !! put some love and excitement in the wedding!! Great performance Exodus all the best in the final.

A little more we would of had 4 or 5 tied for 3rd place, geez



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