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Large Steel Orchestra Finalists - Trinidad & Tobago National Steelband Panorama 2014

Global - With a tie in tenth position coming out of the semi finals, eleven large steel orchestras will vie for the title of 2014 Panorama champs come March 1, Carnival Saturday in Trinidad & Tobago.

Trinidad All Stars topped the fifteen bands which competed in this round, while title-defenders Phase II Pan Groove were placed in a three-way tie for third with Renegades and Desperadoes steel orchestras.

Starting not long after noon on Sunday February 16, bands in the medium category moved swiftly on and off stage.  Eventually, as an afterthought and completely overshadowed by the week-long ruckus created by the “Pan Pool” debacle - was the fact that this may have been the earliest-completed Panorama semi-final competition ever.  The large bands apparently did not do too badly themselves in terms of time-management, but it was still a source of wonder to find that Redemption Sound Setters sounded their last notes at 10:45 p.m. local time.  This brought the curtains down on performances uncharacteristically early, and even sooner than the 2013 semi-final showcase, which folded shortly after midnight. 

1. Allstars 274

2. Exodus 271
3. Renegades 263 (Tie)
3. Phase II 263 (Tie)
3. Desperadoes 263 (Tie)
6. Invaders 262
7. Silver Stars 257
8. Skiffle 255
9. Fonclaire 254
10. La Brea Nightingales 253 (Tie)
10. Tropical Angel Harps 253 (Tie)
12. Redemption Soundsetters
12. Harmonites 251

14.  Starlift 249
15.  birdsong 248

click for complete results and overall placement

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Panorama finals should be quite interesting when those ties break-up.

thanks for the music i could not do better.



First of all, I have to say I am a born and bred Silver Stars’ fan.  I knew that Edwin Pouchet’s health has been failing, so I wondered who the arranger was going to be.  I spoke to a couple original Silver Stars’ folks from the 1950s and 1960s, and they told me they heard there was some wrangling in the band regarding the choice of arranger and tune.  I just did not think Liam Teague was a right fit, and when I heard the song, I could not believe it.  However, I said let me give it a chance.  I got a report that they were playing well in the pan yard, but I was still skeptical. 

Hearing the semi -final performance, I got so annoyed that I was ready to turn off the broadcast.  Seeing that Starlift was next, I decided to listen to them.  Boy, Starlift was so bad that it gave me hope for Silver Stars.  I really feel for Starlift because they so great in the past.  I was not impressed with Solo too.  Then there was Birdsong - Andy Narrell needs to give up arranging for Panorama.  I say all of this because I thought Silver Stars were better than three of them.   After Starlift, I went to bed steaming, so I did not hear the others.  I know it was going to be tough for Sound Setters to perform last.


I know Silver Stars probably cannot replace the arranger and it may be difficult for them to change the song at this point.  However, I have seen bands changed tunes in the past.   



Over the years I realized one of the key things in a Panorama contest was "choice of song and arranger".  I still play woman on the base by Scrunter.  Yes and remember the best days of Super Blue.  Andy is good musically but he was never really into our Panorama as say Clive Bradly and others.  Those were the years ...but the contest still have gone even better and it gets better not every year as some years do stand out...the last time Phase 11 won it was a great year.  Yet I see this year the makings of a stand out year.  My band All Stars has set the pace to the finish line being 11 points ahead of the pack.  Phase 11 and Exodus will compete for that top spot no doubt ...according to what I heard in the semis.  Yes my home band Silver Stars have lost their leader....I do hope he can come back (I grew up close to the Pouchet family in Cocorite) .   May the best sound win out in the end. Come on Judges do the best your can to make this happen.



TREVOR go suck yuh finger cry cry baby deal with it

After hearing the results I am convinced that Birdsong suffered a great injustice.  I have long held the belief that there is a bias in favour of the likes of BOOGSIE and AGAINST ANYONE ELSE.  To see that Birdsong was placed LAST serves to CONFIRM my beliefs.  If Boogsie's Phase II had done Birdsong's tune note for note, it would have been called "Brilliant" and Boogsie hailed a genius. Yet when ANYONE ELSE does it and they are often penalized by the same judges who hailed that JENNY-ASS Boogsie a genius.  Question - How is Birdsong's tune not as good as Desperadoes 'Rebecca?'    Although, I now realize that Andy's work is UNLIKE a typical Boogsie arrangement.  How?  Birdsong's offering consisted of a well thought through composition that exhibited a complexity that enabled listeners to follow its progression from movement to movement.  It did not wonder all over the place but instead the arrangement always stayed true to the original piece.  My only critique was that I would have asked that the Birdsong players gave a cleaner, crisper execution.  So EXCITED was I about Birdsong's work that I wondered just how were they going to improve or change their semifinal arrangement for the Big Yard Finals?  But now I am left to put on the SHELF with other INJUSTICES from yesteryear.  Birdsong has joined other noted ROBBED luminaries i.e. Curry Tabanca by ALL STARS, Pan in A minor by Renegades, Soca Warriors by ALL STARS, Pan by Storm by Fonclair.....and so on and so on...


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