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Leave my President alone; Amar should have been elected; Congrats to the Empress.

Leave my President alone; Amar should have been elected; Congrats to the Empress.


By Aquil Arrindell


Behavoralists in theories of education believe that no real education could have taken place if persons’ behaviours do not change after receiving the information. We in the pan community must show education is happening with a change of behaviour.


Political maturity is something the pan movement lacks. I was a candidate, and during the campaign, because of political strategies, opponents did and said things against each other. That is politics. Don’t take it personally. The election is over so let us move on.


We also lack maturity as voters because, though there was expectation that we would vote for the individual candidates to create the best possible executive, we still ended up with voters going by the slates. This suggests that after all that happen with our last executive (which was voted in as a slate), our behaviour remains the same. But, that is okay because we cannot expect to become mature overnight. After having an executive who made sure that we stayed ignorant for over 30 years, we cannot expect immediate change.


It would really be interesting to know if Amar had won the election, would the eviction notice have come so fast. I remember after the debate, Mr Amar was the most popular candidate in the eyes of the public, and as a matter of fact, if it was the one-man-one-vote system used, he might have won the election. But look now, words are just words but your heart determines your actions.


As for me, I had a lot of calls after the election. People who were concerned about my feelings in expectation that I would be down in spirit. I remembered that after Jack Warner lost the last election, he celebrated because one of his major goals was accomplished. That goal was the removal of the sitting government. Believe me when is say that the CIP and I are still celebrating the exit of all executive members. We fought for 2 years plus to make sure that happened. We also had members on different slates to ensure that we would be represented on the new executive. And that also worked out as planned.


My president, you are a strong, intelligent woman. I did not vote for you, however, you are my president for the next three years. I am happy to have you there and once you stay straight you have my full support. To the critics, stop criticising and get on board, Pan Trinbago does not belong to its President, it belongs to the membership. In the next three years, the President’s successes are our successes and we can no longer afford failure. So according to our new executive, LET’S DO THIS. Let’s rebuild Pan Trinbago. Let us share her vision. Let us help make this organisation an entity that is profitable for us all.


Congrats to the entire executive.


Aquil Arrindell

Yours truly


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Keith Subero says: After the results of Pan Trinbago’s elections were announced last Sunday, with the new Beverly Ramsey-Moore executive team taking over the organisation, I found myself recalling a statement which I made sometime in the 1990s: “The only thing wrong with pan is the panman!”

Well said.

Without the existence of CIP on the ground, the gangstas would still be in office.  And in spite of his concussion, Claude made dem fellas so uncomfortable they started to look in the mirror - singing Mirror, Mirror on the wall - does Claude really have ah crystal ball. ODW break their spirit by always finding that tune or WST article to back up the facts. They could no longer lie in public without a fact-check coming on their head. What was really curious was all those paperback revolutionaries all over facebook who were exposed as powerless to effect change. 

Team Patriots? Really? Who came up with that name for this bunch of...? That person should get an extra 10 years jail more than the gangstas.


Very well said Aquil.......this shows you're a man of integrity and I hope the new executive is open and intelligent enough to include you in the re-making of Pan Trinibago.

thanks guys..... 

Well spoken Aquil,

It is really refreshing to hear a different approach to discourse coming from the T&T Pan Community.

This is a welcomed narrative, away from the all-time past rhetoric relating to the former administration.

Understanding and following a new path forward  should not be too difficult, if we learn the lessons from the past. The last nine years should serve as a good example of what leads to what. Best wishes to the new administration.

I agree with Mr. Char Burgess in that the new administration should recognize talent where it exist and seize upon it. Aquil and others may well and easily fit the bill.


"We still ended up with voters going by the slates", "We also lack maturity as voters", "our bahaviour remains the same". I was hoping we would have had a mixed bag, now I trying tuh figure out who go be guarding the guards. Ah mean.........

Aquil, yuh still okay, but this thing with Amar, no sour grapes, is four months, four in arrears. Try renting your house to PT and they end up four months behind.

i hear you.

PT name not good right now.

so no body wants to be owed by them.


You're a very intelligent man and you have my respect

Good morning all. I am a strong supporter of Pan in general. I was quite happy to see the general elections take place and stood ready to support whatever majority decision was made. An executive is as strong as its supporters. I love and believe in Pan and I look forward to an executive that's focused on rebuilding the image of Pan Trinbago.

I have to agree with Mr Arrindell, the CIP did its work, we got our elections and the rebuilding has to start now. We all have to support this new executive to move Pan forward. This Pan thing is not ours to simply hold, its ours to build so that our children, grand children, great grandchildren etc will inherit the Pan and take it further than we could ever imagine.

Blessings to all Pan Lovers, Peace.


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