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Legendary Steel Pan Drummer to perform “calypso classics” concert in Harlesden

London, UK - A “legendary” steel pan drummer is set to delight crowds with a performance of Mozart and Tchaikovsky- with a calypso twist- at a Harlesden Church this week.

Mr Totesaut has taught generations of youngsters steel pan drums
Mr Totesaut has taught generations of youngsters steel pan drums

Alfred Totesaut, 67 known to the community as ‘Freddie pan man ’ will lead a “jam packed” evening of reggae-classical pieces on Thursday evening at St Michael’s and All Angels Church Hall in Knatchbull Road.

The evening, which runs from 6pm-9pm, will pay tribute to great classical composers as well as showcase the work of the young drummers and musicians taught by Freddie from across the borough.

The steel pan arranger and former drumming star of hit singles by Boney M and Fleetwood Mac has been helping youngsters in Brent to stay out of trouble by teaching steel pan for more than three decades.

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Okay, I am confused....is this about drumming or pan playing?  People who play pan are usually referred to as pan players or panist.  People you play skin/membrain covered instruments are usually referred to as drummers. So did he play drums or pan on Bonry M and Fleetwood Mac.  Anyways congratulations to Alfred Totesault on his achievements.

Errol: And the BUREAU OF STANDARDS just STANDARDIZED STEELPAN terminology at the recent ICP.

Big joke, eh?

Errol, as I remember, Othello Mollineaux, himself "legendary" player of pan (solo tenor, I think), has always described himself as a "steel drummer". I have never liked the term "steelpan", when "steelband" and "pan" already usefully existed. But adoption of "steelpan" looks inescapable today. Yes, I agree, people must be sure that we are all talking about the same thing.

Lenny nice to hear from you and Claude.  I have a problem when folks just arbitrarily create a name for something instead of researching whatever it is.  I think it shows disrespect for the instrument especially from folks who are making a living from the instrument.   I play pan out on gigs and lots of people come up to me and say I love the sound of  the steel drums or I love steel drumming.  I can easily go along with them and leave them in their 'ignorance' but I always say to them the instrument is made from a steel drum but after many hours of labor it was transformed into an instrument called a pan, that is the name it was given in T&T the place where it was invented.  And so far I haven't had anybody upset instead they mostly say thank you I wasn't aware.

Now mind you when I post my videos on Youtube, I will admit that I do add the tag steeldrum,some folks really don't know the name pan.  I don't know Othello's reasons for adopting that name but when he was hanging with  Trini's, a friend of mine who knew him said he did not use that terminology.  When you are in the minority you then to get drowned out by the majority and there is a little pressure correcting folks you are there to entertain.  It is easy or easier to just go along with the 'drumming' name but it incorrect on all fronts.  Hey I am' panman' used to be a pan beater and now thanks to Claude I am going to find out what I am, I have not seen the Bureau of Standards document as yet.

Oh well, I will continue to be the pan police.  I don't know why this particular issue has my focus as I do get some hate responses from those making money from pan whenever I correct them, of course I am a "little" hard on them. (if you know what I mean).

Pan police,

PLEEZE lock up dem people who play the pan with MALLETS! FFS, wha wrong wid "pan sticks"?

As far as I know a mallet is a hammer!

BTW, congrats to Fred....i have heard the band....he has those kids playing brilliantly!


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