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How about letting the arrangers  of the bands in the finals be the judges.

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Lawdy, miss Claudy! What a pathetic statement!.....even by your standards! Woof! Woof!

Val, I've explained it before but I will do it again, only because U R ah old police ah fraid police. lol

Firstly every arranger will be on stage with their band so they cannot judge themselves. Of the ten bands there will always be nine judges because one will always be on the stage  with their band.

No more ole talk about the judges thief or they cyah judge steelband.

Robert Saldenha and others:

Clearly, any potential "conflict of interest" would have to be avoided, whatever the means of doing so, but the bottom is that those are the people who could best make a solid determination of quality in pan performance.  Isn't that what we all want?!

And Terry, as for selecting arrangers from outside of TnT, they just don't have the caliber, nor the big stage experience to back them up.  I can only think of one, Sherwin Thwaites (BASED IN Maryland/Virginia), a Berkeley graduate, who has arranged for steelbands large and small.


I totally agree. Actually I suggested this on a similar subject sometime ago on this site. All arrangers who are interested (or perhaps make it mandatory) in judging should throw their names in a pool. After semis the arrangers' names who made the finals would be taken out. Out of the pool five names are pulled. Bottom line the finalists are judged by their peers.

The whole thing can be streamlined to work with the judging of the Medium and Small Categories.....with the added dictum that no judge will be allowed to judge twice.

Not everyone would agree, of course, but why not give it a try? Take this year alone there would be available from Lg/Med/Sm bands:

Andre White

Yohan Popwell

Jeanine Remy

Micheal Toby  

Keith Salcido

Andy Narell

Yohan Popwell

Jeanine Remy

Shenele Abraham

Michael Cupidore

Vanessa Headly

Jamal Gibbs

Carlon Harewood

Andre White

Nkosi Joseph

Marlon White

Sean Ramsry

Robert Tobit

Richard Gittens

Shev Edwards

If there are any omissions 'twas not intentional.

I did not take into consideration the Single Pan Bands.

I understand the frustration that some of us feel when the results are announced, but this cannot be a serious suggestion as a solution.  The fact that an arranger will not be judging her/his own band does not eliminate the obvious conflict of interest.  However you look at it, panorama adjudication will always be subjective evaluation of objective criteria and all the human biases involved.  We need to better train, certify, evaluate and continue to enhance the skills of those who agree to accept the ominous, thankless responsibility of judging panorama. 

Peter Gray and A L Nunes thank you both.

Cecil someone posted a list of arrangers and of course omissions. Some of these arrangers do not make the finals in their respective categories they arrange in. Are they good enough to judge those who made it? Those who did better than they did? Some of them are also composers or linked in some way to some of the tunes played at panorama. If one has a band or is linked to a band in a final he/they could shaft the opponent(s) Of your many post, I don't support this one.


The good thing about this forum is we can take a topic and get input from people world wide, in the end we can form some sort consensus as to what's workable and what's not.

We must keep the dialogue going on everything concerning the steelband.

The dialogue on this forum has ZERO RELATIONSHIP to PAN in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO!!!


Claude you must not know any pan players in Trinidad. All the young people have their phones set to WST. And the old folks know more about WST than you can imagine. Your disconnect goes beyond "Andeee" in terms of what is going on in the pan world and how they communicate in Trinidad. I am often amazed at just how much influence this forum has. 



Claude, you Glenroy and Cecil are famous.



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