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Well its that time of year again and we are all very excited rooting for the steelband that we love. PANORAMA the biggest steelpan event that all pan lovers come out for where steelpan is KING. With the new normal over the past recent years being that there is a big PARTY going on behind the NORTH STAND while PANORAMA is in full swing, I think that if they keep adding to that party and it continue to grow as it is, I am afraid that the Party will get bigger than the PANORAMA. As David Rudder said today on FB "Is anybody going to the Panorama pool party? There's live entertainment from soca artistes and there's also live pan action on the side." 

I do think that pantrinbago came up with a very good idea by doing this as it has become a ca$h cow and will also bring the non pan lovers out to a pan event BUT ......{pan is not the main thing}

I also think that it is a very good way to bring steelpan back into the party, in this case its really bring the party into steelpan BUT .......{panorama is not the main thing in the case}

Please everyone remember is all about the DOLLAR$ ... does not matter what is right, people always follow the dollars Pantrinbago is no different.Between the soca artistes Panorama will run. lol lol lol lol  

I will not say anything about the kind of instruments they use in the party behind the north stand. have we not talked about this on WST already ? I guess WST everybody listen.

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The leaders of the World Governing Body don't realize that weather they like it or not they are a part of the Global Steelband Village and they will be held accountable for their actions.

As Black Stalin rightfully sang years ago " If we did know we woulda hold on to we Steelband and Calypso "

Last year semi-finals I position my self at the left section of the Grand Stand just to MACO the Greens Party - patrons in the Grand Stand who did not know about the Greens Party was just clueless, their were no disturbance.

Pan Trinbago are on a paradigm shift and they have to find ways to generate revenues, that goes for "current or future executives". This year the Greens party looking to attract 16,000 patrons and over 2000 service staff. This event continues to grow in popularity among the more youthful steelpan supporters.

What is important is to organize the panman/woman about the ECONOMICS of pan in the MECCA...a lot is going on behind the scenes...

Well then name it Greensorama and leave pan out of it.Stop the disrespect. When we do it here in its home how do we expect it to be treated later on Charity begins at home

This event continues to grow in popularity among the more youthful steel pan supporters. May I ask which one of those youthful supporters going to the Greens to party interested in Pan? Most of them will tell you they go to the Green because they cant take listening to Pan all day, so who are people really trying to fool the Green has nothing to do with Pan, they just riding the back of the Panorama event to make money and nothing more

Hey, Salmon: They have a PHI STEELBAND playing on the GREENS this year. Yuh better start negotiating to get ah E-PAN STEELBAND next to the POOL next year. Yuh falling behind!!!

It look like the GREENS here to stay!!!

People are not saying that the Greens is a bad idea it's just the day that it is happening, if they move it to another day they could add another few thousand people.

Cecil on any other day there would be no big draw for it -  they KNOW the big draw is that it's the "Savannah Party"  AT  semi's -  that's their entire selling point.  On any other day they would not sell nearly as many tickets.

and also - what the heck is this statement supposed to mean? --> "a very good way to bring steelpan back into the party" -- what ya mean bring it BACK to the party? Hello?  it's Panorama - steelpan IS the party. This kinda thing only takes AWAY from that. SMDH.

i agree

Pan is slowly dying in Trinidad and Tobago. It started when pan was forced to put their instruments on trucks. A clever way of getting them off the road quickly. Even today its embarrassing, as you witness small band and medium band competing at preliminaries to very very small audiences.  The large band finals at the North Stands is less than half full for many years. I remember when Phase II won 2012 panorama 'More Love' , the band played late, I looked around in the stands, not many people at all, and after the band played, almost everyone left. I felt sorry for the bands who played after. Trying to justify making a dollar and using the word 'panorama semi-finals' is so stupid, because what is taking place on the 'greens' had nothing to do with pan. Hence the reason why you can't blame Holman or Manettte for educating the Americans in arranging and making/tuning of pans. It's a big joke now, this thing called panorama.


I like the point you made about the instruments on trucks, people in the Mecca see it as progress, it brought tears to my eyes last year when I realize this is how all the bands are.

They treat the steelband like if it's ready to die, they put it on a float and drive it around like an old man in a wheel chair.

Exactly Cecil hinkson, pan ruled the road long ago and all bands had many many supporters. There were never any complaints about pushing pan. This was part of the fun and support from members and fans of their respective communities. This was all part of panorama, and pan on the road carnival Monday and Tuesday. I hope these same trinis who supporting the 'greens' don't cry if USA or some European country take the same panorama make it fun and capitalize on it.bigtime.


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