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Well its that time of year again and we are all very excited rooting for the steelband that we love. PANORAMA the biggest steelpan event that all pan lovers come out for where steelpan is KING. With the new normal over the past recent years being that there is a big PARTY going on behind the NORTH STAND while PANORAMA is in full swing, I think that if they keep adding to that party and it continue to grow as it is, I am afraid that the Party will get bigger than the PANORAMA. As David Rudder said today on FB "Is anybody going to the Panorama pool party? There's live entertainment from soca artistes and there's also live pan action on the side." 

I do think that pantrinbago came up with a very good idea by doing this as it has become a ca$h cow and will also bring the non pan lovers out to a pan event BUT ......{pan is not the main thing}

I also think that it is a very good way to bring steelpan back into the party, in this case its really bring the party into steelpan BUT .......{panorama is not the main thing in the case}

Please everyone remember is all about the DOLLAR$ ... does not matter what is right, people always follow the dollars Pantrinbago is no different.Between the soca artistes Panorama will run. lol lol lol lol  

I will not say anything about the kind of instruments they use in the party behind the north stand. have we not talked about this on WST already ? I guess WST everybody listen.

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Ayesha I agree with you but we both know that ain't going to happen.

Year in year out there are complaints about the future and complaints about pan not supporting itself. Last year was unfortunate that the then Minister Winston"GYPSY" and his entourage caused commess, the party was on and in the Grand Stand  the people who came to LISTEN to sweet music were doing just that. The North Srtand was the same they had to be asked to be quiet before the event with the minister arriving

. I would prefer that there was no party out there. BUT.

(1). As long as they are out there ten  fifteen years from now  the audience for panorama has paid their dues for the grand stand. I graduated from San Fernando feteing all day Panorama pushing Fonclaire or Deltones up Harris Promenade to sitting in the grand just wishing for peace  and sweet sweet pan.

(2). All the complainants must DEMAND a yearly audit from Pan Trinbago just to ensure that the money is well spent and unsponsered bands get looked after in a timely and proper fashion.

(3) Controll the music and the noise emmanating out of there when a band is on the stage

  I hate the party  I do not want the party but I understand WHY the party and how it can be used for the needs of the Pan. If that will be done by all concerned is left to be seen.                                                           

Sarah, that will be great what you are saying but with the present Pantrinbago Administration  there are no Transparency

Sarah-Ann the big boys and their upper class family and friends, getting inside the 'greens' free. No question. The money collected at their gate is there's, not pantrinbago. A few of pantrinbago officials and friends will also get in free, and they will get a small amount of  gate money, not much. The lions share belongs to the big boys, who would not come close to a panyard. This party need to be elsewhere since it shows a lack of respect for pan competition. Oh I believe borough day may be the goal. If they can force panorama out of the savannah. I can see the future now, the big stage is future location of the pool party with Machel, Bunji diving with soca music jamming and panorama competition on Borough Day Point. Lastly, your no (2). Money well spent? Tell me who in Trinidad can do dat? William, Manning, Chambers, Kamla and the next Indian one failed to account for the country's money. Sorry but I think you are in fantasy island.

Just because they doing it that way, doh make it right.  Now Salo as much as you cyar control who buy and use your electro ePan, think twice before you go there to "eat ah food", one day to maybe starve another.  Read up and move wise before you make a bad move, cool breds...

Steel Pan Blueprint For Success (Rough Draft Edit) by George D. God...

12. Likewise, no form of amplified music should be allowed within 5 miles of Panorama.

Bring your tape measure and move the event to Greener Pastures at leat 6 miles away.

And in terms of ideas to discuss to move pan forward ever, backward never.

The George "Sonny" Goddard Inaugural Steelband Town Hall Meeting

  • Defining the “Steelband Movement” and the “Politics of Pan”. (Panel Discussion A.)
  • Creating year-round employment opportunities and future benefits for steelbands and pan players in Trinidad and Tobago. (Panel Discussion B.)
  • Addressing the challenges and finding solutions to live and studio (audio and video) recording of steelbands and pan. (Panel Discussion C.)
  • How we balance steelband tradition with innovation in the 21st Century.  (Panel Discussion D.)
  • Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago in the International arena. (Panel Discussion E.)

We are still working to have others added, including Ms. Debi Gardner (British Association of Steelbands/BAS), Mr. Salmon Cupid, and Mr. Junior Saldenah. Ms. Beverly Ramsey-Moore has also confirmed that the New Visionaries will be represented, and I look forward to having Pan Trinbago being represented as well. We have also sent out invitations to various government ministers, as we believe, that we all share a stake in steelband's future, and are all needed towards that effort. Stay tuned, and thanks again for your support.

Facebook Event

C&B there!!!  Kool!!!

Pan Peeps willing to compromise to eat crumbs while the Big Boyz & Dem laughing all the way to the bank with their GREEN$ while some ketching their arse...

All the people who push for other entertainment to compete with Panorama have not internalized the significant glory of Pan.

I suppose if they were on stage as a big fancy band (Tribe, Ronnie & Caro, etc) and we allow a jouvay band to come on parallel to them they would feel good!Do a survey to prove that the Greens people believe in Pan.

There is no justification for musical competing interests at Panorama. If money is the motive, choose another area, and allow the QPS to be the space for pan enthusiasts to worship in peace at the altar of Pan.  There are 364 other days to bring on Pan Splash and the Greens to make money. Not at PANORAMA, it is dedicated to PAN.

I suppose the conversation has dropped for Where de money gone???

Patrick you're right about pan on trucks.
People are easily fooled. They forget that the steelbands were seen by many as nuisances, not as contributors to the Carnival.
Instead of figuring out sensible and efficient ways of making steelbands more mobile, they took the quick and easy way out.
I'm sure that those who saw the steelbands as nuisances were very pleased with the results.
Believe it or not, not everyone loved the steelbands, you know.

Exactly Glenroy, and this is where the research, a fun project not by 'you wee', but getting all pan persons involve to design and create a efficient mobile system for the pan on the roads during carnival. This a sweet project, here is where you 'learn to fish' , you then patent the system and make money. Then we can listen to pan on the roads without engine and smoke distractions, like in the 70's and 80's. Glenroy, education is so important, I can't believe some responses on this issue.

Today Sat.15th at 1pm Single Pan and Small semis going on, the number of patrons in the savannah is less than 100. There is more police in the savannah than patrons and the venders buying from each other.There is a big push for media coverage by everyone, who is paying for that ?,if it was well covered the 100 people might not have come who knows. If I do the maths they not making any money today, they have to pay for all the bands to come to the savannah, pay for the venue, all the workers, police - fire - ambulance and so on ..... so if it was up to YOU ALL and you were the President of Pantrinbago what will you do to get patrons in the stands? Is it that Pan lovers just not interested in Single and Small bands ? lol and this happen every year. School Panorama as well.

Salmon: WST is a cauldron of PAN EMOTION. Don't bother dem with the PURE ECONOMIC FACTS.

Maybe it's a prevailing problem PT can not begin to solve?
Maybe the boycott is on!
Maybe the Green Pool People stayed home in to enjoy their backyard pools!
Or maybe, just maybe this will only be solved when the right leadership takes over pan and changes direction.

Nobody is TAKING OVER from Diaz. They lack the political skills!!!


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