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Marcus Ash-Tray Speaks on Pan in Trinidad & Tobago Live!

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I thought this young man spoke very well and let's not forget people of when steel talks ....,he is part of the future!!!!   We need the young people to start gettin involved and that won't happen if we diss them for their opinions and call them names in our posts - no matter how hot we feel!!!!  We need to encourage them, give them advice and get behind them even if you know from all your years of experience that they're slightly off the balance.  WE have too many OLD, jaded, cynical and hard headed people trying to wrest control of PT which will give us "same ole - same ole".   Nothing will change unless there is new young blood backed (yuh hear mih - "backed" - not controlled) by older experienced heads.  

I am going to find this young man on FB and congratulate him on this video and follow him as I say again......YOUNG PEOPLE LIKE HIM ARE THE FUTURE!!!!

I don't know Char.

Mr. Ash is not young. He is a mature man. 

All I heard is that I am not a "crook". And that is worth something in this current steelband environment. Richard Nixon said the same thing.  HOWEVER...

I would ask Mr. Ash - why did you wait till now to make your views public? Didn't something smell and look wrong to you with Pan Trinbago five, four, three or two years ago?

So you're pissed off that Mr. Providence poked you in the eyes and Merrytones kicked you in the balls. And? So?

There is another Trinidadian fellow by the name of Stokely Carmichael who was walking around the in backwoods of Mississippi when he was younger than Mr. Ash.  They were firing much more than words at him. So lets put this in its proper perspective. And he may be one of the top three greatest Trinidadians that ever lived.

As a ranking Pan Trinbago member you have a problem with the WST forum and because you fear what they might say about you - you keep away. And to make matters worst, you proudly, publicly declare that you don't engage the WST forum on any level. SMFH. Not even the PT gangstas would say such a chupid thing. 

You Mr. Ash, would prefer to fool around on facebook were your posts are screened  and channeled to select friends by sophisticated algorithms that decide -  if, when and who - to make you feel good when they click the like button.

Mr. Ash don't you think it is time for you to put on your Pan Trinbago shirt on and walk down center street and cut out the back street bullshit. Setup your own PT forum where folks can have meaningful conversations, discussions and confront issues of Pan in Trinidad and Tobago. Facebook is not yours.

Please go back and study George Goddard. I will assume you have already read his book "Forty Years in the Steelbands" cover to cover at least three times. I also expect that your list of Pan accomplishments when your career is over will dwarf his. After all, you standing on his shoulder. And like you, he was never paid a penny. Check some of Mr. Goddard's accomplishments here.

Oh and next time you come before the camera, put your Pan Trinbago shirt on. That (it's them) not me is foul while you're and active member of the organization.



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