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Newsday Feb 19, 2019

Speaking to Newsday after the drawing of the Kings and Queens at the National Carnival Commission VIP Lounge yesterday, representative for the band Zodiac Fernando Marchan said the North Stand helped break down the speed of breeze coming on stage.

Marchan said now there is nothing to help break the wind, he is now worried what it might do to costumes.

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It is quite likely that the prevailing trade winds that are dominant at this time of the year will continue to blow from the north east (as they have done for centuries), or from east to west across the queen's park savannah stage as is the norm.
It is interesting to note that regular patrons to the grand stand did not experience (or describe) any change in wind conditions in the absence of the north stand, not as it relates to the "wind and/or dust in their faces, or relative to the acoustics of the bands performing on the big stage.

'The prevailing winds', may not have any impact on patrons and bystanders, but can do real damage to costumes, banners and the people who carry them. Did the planners consult with the Masmen before proceeding ?

More money for the costumes that can withstand wind.

Managing a big costume, even in moderate winds, require the same skills as sailing a small boat in a full storm. 

A sudden gust will capsize you.

Not if you play a sailor mas.

Patrick. Ah done all three! Lol.

Yes! I heard that some bands lost a couple of their front-line pans to the heavy wind that came across from the Northern side.

Pan Elders lost 5 tenors that fell and went out of tune, on the stage.

Was any professional research done before designing this initiative? Why are there so many complaints that indicate missing elements which are vital to the progress of Carnival in total? Who speaks professionally for Carnival art and performance?


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