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Meet Anthony Williams - Master Steelpan Innovator and Leader - Up close! An exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Anthony “Tony” Williams

Meet Anthony Williams - Master Steelpan Innovator and Leader -
Up close!
An exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Anthony “Tony” Williams

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In this fascinating exclusive When Steel Talks interview - the legendary steelpan innovator and leader of Pan Am North Stars, in his own voice, takes us on his own personal journey with the steelpan instrument - with facts, dates, places, influences, names and even in song - as he declares he will “set the record straight as there is a lot of falsification as it relates to him in the papers.” Even now, many years later, the genius and brilliance of Anthony Williams shine through. His attention to detail and incredible memory is amazing. Listen to him tell us how and why in his own voice - his humor, his wit, his intellect, his exceptional musical knowledge and description of his scientific approach to problem solving. As he explains you realize his marriage of astrology, philosophy, numerology, math and science put him in unique group of thinkers and innovators.

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"But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house." Mark 6:4 ~ Holy Scriptures

Until the Steelpan Community returns to its roots with a steped up socio-politico movement, the establishment will contine to shower unfair, unequal and non-chalant treatment. Time for a change in direction and new vision, not so?

 Brother Anthony can have an Honorary Doctoral degree bestowed upon him by either UWI or UTT if they chose to do so. Guidance  Happy birthday to  one of the greatest Dr. Lance S

Come on Pan Trinbago.  Listen to Mr. Kenneth Clarke.  Take up his suggestion and place this icon before the nation, especially the young ones who seem to know little about greats like Anthony Williams.

Ron Bartolo

A Doctor Anthony Williams? This is not a priority for PT...this type of abandonment and disrespect is deeply embedded in our cultural identity.

What does it take to name a school after this great man, a stamp in his name or UWI to name its school for Pan Tuners after him, what about a scholarship in his name for those students who want to pursue studies in Pan development?

The GOTT should be able to do something that's meaningful to inspire our youths who want to believe there's a future in PAN.

odw, don't worry your head too much about that, U.T. the University of Toronto is working with me on the AWSA&CC Anthony Williams Steel pan Academy and Conservatory Campus, and the book "The ORACLE" that I wrote, will also be published there as well, just keep the fingers together odw...

odw I almost forgot, the abandonment and disrespect is what the Patrick Manning regime, and UWI so called academic scholars implemented, when they "INFRINGED" Anthony Williams and St James North Stars S.N.S.E. "circle of 4th s & 5th s" already Patented Trademarked, and U.S. Copyrighted technology, where I caught them red handed in 2005, where the late P.M. Patrick Manning giving  a mandate to Brian Copeland , Junia Regrello, Clement Imbert, to  research and create a new family of steel pans, but it must be in the 4th s and 5th s or the spider web and it must be patented,  question: how can anyone research and create a technology that has already been research and created, and patent and copyrighted, before Copeland was born and when Manning was in diapers, there motive was conspiracy and espionage, to embezzle $90.9 million U.S. dollars from T&T treasury, so my good man u r on track as I am, they owes Williams & SNSE $7.5 billion t t, but I'm/We 're not through with them as yet, it is going to cost them much more that they bagging for, u see S.N.S.E. still owns 51% control shears of those rights, the know President Donald Trump owns 24% transferred shares, before he became President 20 years ago, and another U.S. syndicate owns the other 25% shares, so U see how much trouble they're in, where the syndicate would rather dispose of them rather than to wait to get paid ...

The MAN/SKIP I call him as his "Protege", meaning Anthony Williams, is also and INVENTOR, where an inventor is someone who  derive's something for the very first time, something that is and was not here before, so please, know what you are doing/implying/saying, I'm very touchy about his work, as I was there with him most, 3/4 of the way....

JJJ: How is the BOOK coming and all those court cases?

Mi Amigo, the book is done and is about to be printed in Canada, i'm just working on the ISBN #, we already won our case when they Copeland et al failed to filed a defense on time where they tried to play politics with me /us SNSE, u see they didn't know that I study corporate law in C.P.C.C Central Piedmont Community College in North Carolina, 1982 when I was doing my masters, so when there Judge Ronnie Boodoosing ask me how could I file a claim like this with out an attorney I laugh in his face that was when he told/threatened me to with the claim, or he will dismiss it to day, i knew they/ he had no jurisdiction over the claim anymore, when the failed to filed a defense like i said before, especially when they file Form 3 A, an application to pay by installment because they cannot afford to pay the whole amount in one lumpsom, a clear definition of guilt, after been warned by the court procedure a rule of law, so they think that they're above the law, they think "PAN MEN/WOMEN are dumb, so let's see what they do when they get indicted and extradited to the U.S. for criminal conspiracy and money laundering of the/our technological U.S. Copyright Act of the Circle of 4th s & 5th s technology they patented in the U.S. 2010, just stay in touch "mi amigo" i'm just watching y'all...

Leslie! Joseph and Godrick Haynes were in North Stars with you.  Donde esta?


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