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Revisiting - Meet Caldera Caraballo - Panist, Performing Artist, Steelband Promoter... UpClose!

Global - Mr. Caldera Caraballo is a central figure in the history and development of the steelpan movement in the USA as a panist, organizer and promoter. From winning New York’s first-ever steelband competition to organizing the New York Panorama, get an insight into the impact of Caraballo on Pan in New York.

Go along as he takes you through his wonderful, often colorful and captivating journey with the steelpan instrument, from a youth in Trinidad with the storied Casablanca Steel Orchestra - to successful entrepreneur and promoter of the steelband artform in the United States.

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Nice interview. Lot's of history here.


Very informative, I didn't know about bout, The writing and performance of his tune “Caldera’s Mambo” in 1955 was—at the time—the only calypso performed that was composed by a steelband person

Maybe WST can work their magic and get a copy of Caldera's Mambo and share with us.

Thanks WST for working your magic.

Cecil? Where is the tune "Caldera's Mambo? Did WST find  it? Or you were thanking WST in advance, lol

Bede, They put up the music score, maybe you could play it for people like me who cannot read music.

Check out the post "Caldera's Mambo"

At the viewing of this video interview of Mr. Caldera Caraballo, my wife and I couldn’t help but be amazed at the uncanningly striking resemblance between Caldera and her father who incidentally carried the same last name of Caraballo. She feels absolutely confident that she and Caldera could be related. We are appealing to anyone out there who might be able to provide us with any contact information concerning Mr. Caldera Caraballo. Or, better yet, should Caldera himself have occasion to read this post, he can contact us at the email address listed below.

Please forward such information to my email address at “avy4723@aol.com”.

Thank you very much,

Anthony V Young 


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