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Meet Curtis Pierre of Dixieland Steel Orchestra: An Original Trinidad Pan Story - UpClose!

An exclusive Von Martin interview with Mr. Curtis Pierre of Dixieland Steel Orchestra, one of the first 'college boy' steel orchestras in Trinidad and Tobago. Hear in his own words, Curtis Pierre's story, in Martin's interview.

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well i certainly loved that interview with curtis piere from the days of dixieland steelband-i was there in the early days with ken duval--delano decastro-lance and alan demontbrun--and i could give you some stories that will spin your head around.what great memories you bring back to me in my golden years.nice to hear your voice again curtis --this time you are not shouting at me.


well this was certainly a long over due interview with curtis pierre of the dixieland steel band. i was there in the early days of dixieland. with ken duval-delano decastro-lance and alan demontbrun. it was nice to hear your voice again curtis especially since you are not shouting at me.YOU BRING BACK GREAT MEMORIES FOR ME IN MY GOLDEN YEARS.my name is:




I was fortunate to be a member of  Dixieland  Steel Band under Curtis Pierre in 1954, 1955, 1956. In 1956 I migrated to the USA with my parents. I saw Curtis for the first tim since 1956 in 2005 at the Pizza Hut in St.James( Roxy Theatre). I enjoyed visiting with Curtis. When I was in the band we practice in Belmont. In 11956 were came on the road for Carnival Disguise as  Souix Indians.   The Dixie land experience was a beautiful time of my life. Sadly some of the members I know have passed away.  Curtis even battled Cancer.

Sincerely Charles Assevero

Plano, Texas     972 390 8843.    I am retired and enjoying  75 years. Note :- I was fortunhate to play on the road in Harlem in 1958 , it was called West Indian day parade which became Labor Day in Brooklyn, NY.  I have a picture fof Dixieland Steel band  taken after I left in 1956 on their way to Barbados. 

It will be nice if you can post that 1956 Picture on this site, good memories for some of the old folks.

This gave me goose pimples, Belmont and Belle Eau Road and Steelband,  His story helps to confirm the society was producing a collective identity. Thanks to Curtis and Von Martin.


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