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Revisited -- Meet Daisy James-McClean - Panist, Lecturer, Pan Pioneer... UpClose!

Global - Mrs. Daisy James-McClean is an award-winning female steelpan musician, whose recognized list of firsts and accomplishments within the steelband movement are both significant and staggering. She is an original (Ms. McClean started playing over 70 years ago, and just celebrated her seventy-sixth birthday) who keeps on giving to the steelpan movement, starting from its earliest, and now as the leader of Harlem Syncopators of Trinidad and Tobago.

....In this UpClose When Steel Talks (WST) exclusive interview, WST participated in one of those rare and treasured moments as we stepped back in time through the eyes, voice and memories of an original Pan pioneer Daisy James-McClean in our ‘UpClose’ series. Here is Daisy James-McClean’s story in her own words.

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Kudos to you Miss Daisy. I now that if there was no you, we would not have Jimo (lol)

Big up the earliest family of pan.

Congratulations Mrs. James-McClean, you are indeed a historical treasure.

MS Daisy, One of the Women Steelband Pioneers, I remembered her years ago with City Syncopators coming to practice and liming with the fellas Kenny Hart and others. You are a true Pioneer. 

Thank you Mrs Daisy James-McClean for your contribution to the steelband.

This is just incredible ... a treasure to behold. A very rare documentary of a "a female" involved in the "Evolution of the Steelpan". 

On of the best interviews I heard on pan, so original. Thank you Mrs Daisy James-McClean.


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