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Meet Jovanka Williams - Guyana, S.A. - Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

Meet Jovanka Williams
Guyana, S.A.

Guyana, S.A. - “I love performing and entertaining people. Seeing the joy on their faces when we play is priceless. On the other hand, being able to educate the nation’s future and somehow play a part in the maintenance of the artform is also priceless....”

She is a respected member of the National Steel Orchestra of Guyana. In addition she has experienced many aspects of the steelband music industry as both an educator and touring musician. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - Jovanka Williams shares her feelings, experiences, and insight into the Steelband music art form and more.
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Well stated ,,as a self Taught Steelpan Tuner from N/A Berbice now living in Suriname   with the assistance of the former Tuner of the Chronicle  Atlantic Symphony Steel Orchestra,,, Gerian ,,,under the Leadership of Boysie Bishop/Rudy Bishop and Desmond Frasier/Arranger of CASSO and an employee of the Guyana National Cultural Center at the then time   in the late 70,s indeed Steelpan Tuners are rarely found,,there was Sam Bennons also from Berbice attached to the Guyana National Service i presume now deceased, Calvin White  and Roy Geddes a renowned Steelpan Tuner ,there was also Calvin White who made the New Amsterdam Penguin Soundwaves Steelband,,,Godfrey from Georgetown who worked at the East Ruimveldt Government School as a Tuner and Music Teacher  in the 1980,s Prana/ Moses from Soesdyke on the East Band Demerara  living  now in Suriname since in the early 1970,s,,,,,,,,Steelpan Tuning  is a Gift from God The Almighty,,,, a God Given Instrument to the People of  Trinidad and Tobago,,,,one has to love it,,,,,,,,even though its very hard work,,at age 61 plus i recently made a 9 man Steelband  2016,,,,  Free Of Charge ,,,,, the old fashioned way using a 5 Kilogram Sledge hammer to sink the Drums,,,,,,no Pneumatic Hammer,,,,  giving back to the community.God Bless.


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