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Lilan Sten

Barbados, West Indies - “Pan is about to become a billion dollar, global industry, and not a cent will go to the inventors.” - She is an artist who captures history, culture in the most authentic manner, whereby allowing us to reflect on and embrace truth going forward. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - painter, musician educator, historian and accomplished artist Lilian Sten Nicholson shares her reflections, experiences and knowledge on Pan, Mas, Carnival culture and more.

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Yes I played at a few Oxford balls when all those prim and proper girls (you) and boys got transported by our steel pan music....raised their silk gown, kicked their satin shoes, dancing till dawn to our playing, to then form a congo line all the way to the streets while drinking champagne....amusing the early passers by.

astonishing what Pan music can do!

Great interview Ms. Nicholson. Great points.


Everyone needs to read this interview. Serious stuff.

You really have that clear insight and a willingness to actually move on some key issues. Thanks for adopting us being the asset that you continue to be.

Thank you Ms. Nicholson for your love and insight into the steelpan, you have spoken like a true artist.

not taking away anything from the other women in pan

You know what i respect this individual for her love and her passion for our culture but i am not ready to crown her as an authority on our culture,i am really sorry for that although i agree with almost everything she said.


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