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Meet the Three Amigos - Odie Franklin, Marc Brooks and Kendall Williams - Panist, Panorama Arrangers - UpClose!

Friends, supporters and competitors. Indeed a special relationship and bond have emerged among New York steelband music arrangers Odie Franklin, Marc Brooks and Kendall Williams. Dubbed "The Three Amigos," because of their friendship, it is their success on stage as steelband panorama arrangers that has propelled them into global prominence and recognition within the steelband music artform.

Odie Franklin, Kendall Williams and Marc Brooks

Immensely talented, each is a firmly skilled and established musician and arranger in his own right.

In 2015 the crew made history at the International Conference and Panorama (ICP) held in Trinidad and Tobago with a fourth place standing as arrangers for Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - And then again this year (2018) as they placed 2nd in the prestigious Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama Finals as arrangers for Skiffle Steel Orchestra.

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Gentlemen good luck! for panorama 2019


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