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Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form


China - A chance meeting has developed into an intense love affair with the steelpan instrument, art form and culture. As a member of Planet Pan of Maine and Exodus Steel Orchestra of Trinidad, Xiaotong has experienced the magnificence of Pan and Panorama. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, Xiaotong Zou of China shares how the steelpan instrument has impacted her life.

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Wow. Great interview Xiaotong.


This is a very very good wonderful, insightful and helpful interview. I appreciate her comments about young Trini pannists not having a broad knowledge about what other bands are playing, other music and arrangement especially the past ones etc. She has identified a gap and that is helpful, to hear about, I believe.

Yes Jennifer, this interview was very reveling about where some of our young people are at. Every band leader should read this interview.


Very insightful and refreshing. I hope you continue to develop and grow as a player.

Great interview....puts a lot of pan people in the shade. A whole lot of truth in it.


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