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Merle Albino De Coteau inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Sunshine Awards

On Saturday 27th October 2012, Merle Albino DeCoteau, was inducted to the Hall of Fame of the Sunshine Awards in Manhattan New York for her remarkable contribution to culture over the years. Apparently Merle Albino DeCoteau is the first female to be afforded this prestigious Award. It was indeed a beautiful evening. In the picture presenting the Award is Dr. Howard Robertson.

Congratulations Merle.

Martin Albino

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Blessings Ms DeCoteau you are an inspiration. Ase

It's about time...  But then they say nothing happens before its time...  Congrats all the same

Congrats miss..You deserved it..

Congratulations Miss de Coteau. As you tell us "Hard work pays off"

Well deserved! Congratulations!

congratulations Merle,Its so good for WSPT to enlighten us trinbagonians to the achievments of our talented heroes,maybe this would encourage government to participate.Hey Merle any relation to Martin?I was his school buddy...Robert Diaz

Ms. Albino..... congratulations, well deserved.   Thomas Bailey.(WIADCA)

Congrats,well deserved,another plus for your community.

Laventille is proud of you.....

Congratulations to Mrs. Albino De Coteau from When Steel Talks

  Thank you all at When Steel Talks for this forum where Pan Lovers are made aware of happenings all over the globe.

  What a magnificent job!

  To members of my family, friends, students and well -wishers I say "Thank you all for your love and continued support".

   Mr. Robert Diaz, I must add that I  belong to the Albino family with brothers Aldwin and  Martin and sister Lucille Albino.

I'd also like to congratulate you, Mrs Albino-De Coteau.

And you do belong to a most distinguished Trinidadian musical family.

I've never met any of you, but yours is a family name that I've known since childhood, associated with our culture.

Thank you for you and your family's contributions to our culture.

Thanks for the response Merle,I know Aldwin and Martin but maybe you were too young when I visited the little store on Eastern main rd in Laventille>I saw Martin performing in Toronto's caribana a few years ago.Its good to see the family tradition still going strong as ours the Diaz family as you know my brother Don"sunshine Diaz is carrying on for my father Cyril Diaz backing calypsonians and leading a band in NY.Thank WSPT for giving me the opportunity to connect to all my favourite people..Pan will live on forever.My other brother Paul who was a member of my dad's band has a band here in Buffalo( the only one) so we are the best LOL...seriously we are just doing our part..


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