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Show ’em you’re world governing body for pan

Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism Dr Lincoln Douglas has challenged the executive of Pan Trinbago to prove to the world that their organisation is “The World Governing Body for Pan”.

The challenge came on Wednesday evening at the Lord Kitchener Auditorium, National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) at the launch of the logo for the International Conference and Panorama 2015. Pan Trinbago proposes to hold the first International Conference and Panorama (ICP) in 2015, from August 6 to 9. University of the West Indies, St Augustine (UWI) pro vice chancellor and principal Prof Clement Sankat is the Patron of the ICP. The conference will deal with topics such as The History and Development of Pan, The Science of the Instrument and the Applications used, Recent Developments of the Instrument.


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I believe that President has the power to tell the courts that he want a judgement on the Pan Trinbago matter.

I trust that you are constitutionally correct, Cecil ... if you and the president are good partners, call him up and suggest it.


Aye Peter,

Me and D Pope is good friends and I see he and the Pres. is good friends so I'll ask him to talk to the Pres. for meh.

Why is the media in the Mecca  soft on this matter? 

" I believe that President has the power to tell the courts that he want a judgement on the Pan Trinbago matter."

Cecil it seems you are not acquainted with TT laws.....The President (Executive) has no authority over the courts ( Judiciary) neither does the PM or any Minister (Legislature),have that power.

Any body know if the International Panorama schedule for August 2 2014 is coming off? http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/events/international-panorama

This is from PanTrinbago website...

The ICP (rescheduled from July/August 2014) will be held from August 06th to 09th 2015, in Port of Spain, Trinidad, with Professor Clement Sankat, Principal of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, as patron.
The Conference will cover a wide range of topics such as (a) The History of the Development of Pan, (b) The Science of the Instrument and Applications used and (c) Recent Developments of the Instrument.
The Panorama will take the form of a competition. Thirty eight (38) steelband playing countries have been short-listed to attend the premiere event.

Odw, Thanks, I was planning to go Home for that Concert, so now I will wait till next year Aug 06 to 09.

Good question, Bede ... and such an event would surely force the issue of adjudication (for global satisfaction) into the open - there would be no escaping everything brought up in this forum.  That reason only (I think) is reason enough to support the event and hope that it does come to fruition.





Good observation, another issue for consideration and I'll have to give credit to Glenroy for starting the discussion in having Panorama outside of carnival.

Would the "The Spirit of Carnival" be a criteria for judging the bands performance?

Bede thinks its a concert Pan Trinbago says its a Panorama, my thinking its a competition so are we looking at a semi-finals and a finals, where's the prize money coming from?

Isn't there an election coming in 2015, is the PP government going to commit funds to host the event or PT going to get sponsors involve or foreign governments like they did with Nigeria in this years Panorama.

Diaz has his work cut out for him, he needs to consult with Jack Warner and tell him this is Panorama World Cup he's an expert on coming up with funding.

A true true Trini to the bone.

That's is so nice that the Hon Minister has challenged Pantrinbago to prove their worth and their Authority. Pantrinbago has been in existence for over 40 Years and have always claimed to be the Governing body for Pan Worlldwide. But what have they done the Pan and Panmen? I am happy that the Minister called them out and also had the Guts to do so. They have been perpetrating themselves for much too long as the Sole Authority on Pan affairs. The Minister knows that very soon they would be coming Cap in hand to the Government for assistance to Stage the World Panorama. For Years they have been getting Govt. Funds with no accountability. Now they have to bring their books to show the Minister so that they can .see How the People's Monies are spent. This will cost Million of T&T dollars and Keith Diaz and Cronies would be reaping all the benefits while the Pan and Steels bands keep Struggling.
My Question is. If this Worldwide Panorama comes off. Who will be the Judges?

There will be the official judges AND ...  Since everyone in T&T is an expert and/or judge, they will be sure to give their stated opinions, ent...


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