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Show ’em you’re world governing body for pan

Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism Dr Lincoln Douglas has challenged the executive of Pan Trinbago to prove to the world that their organisation is “The World Governing Body for Pan”.

The challenge came on Wednesday evening at the Lord Kitchener Auditorium, National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) at the launch of the logo for the International Conference and Panorama 2015. Pan Trinbago proposes to hold the first International Conference and Panorama (ICP) in 2015, from August 6 to 9. University of the West Indies, St Augustine (UWI) pro vice chancellor and principal Prof Clement Sankat is the Patron of the ICP. The conference will deal with topics such as The History and Development of Pan, The Science of the Instrument and the Applications used, Recent Developments of the Instrument.


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Valentine you are a trouble maker. Why you want to open such a can of worms this early in the game? LOL

It is an international panorama. Andy will be a judge. Just joking. LOL


I am having a problem with the topics up for discussion, don't talk about how many bands will be able to take part.


You rightly raise the issue of the logistics involved in attempting to accommodate bands from all over the world, many of which mat not have the (financial) resources to transport their pans, etc.  Who will sponsor the event?  How would you tell a band in France, Japan or South Africa or Nigeria that they couldn't participate?  A global Panorama is a wonderful ideal, but such questions will HAVE to be resolved first.

Is not me, is logic we talkin bout!



How do the others do it???  Maybe the pros should be consulted...  Just sayin'...

Bugs My Bro. I mostly call it as I see it. Too much doltish ness has been going on for much too long and it's only by exposing it something might be done to get things right or Better.

I am not the eternal optimist, so I'll say NEVER. Too many greedy people buzzing around. Take away the millions and you have a chance.

But trouble maker or not, Bugs, the question (of who the judges will be) has to be asked, and, more importantly, answered to the satisfaction of all would-be participants.  And that leads automatically to various other questions raised here: regarding musical criteria, band size, finance, PT's leadership/capacity to administrate it, etc. etc.



Mr Diaz and his people are very good at creating a BUZZ, they do this to keep people from asking about the election. 

This International Panorama makes a very Good case for the Standardization of Pan. If Pans were Standardized like all other Musical Instruments, then all the Pan Players would just come to T&T and Rent the Pans. By now Pans should have being Standardized. This Shows how through the Years Pantrinbago kept Pan Stagnant with No Vision.

So Val. we need Visionaries, old, new and in between. lol

Cecil. We do need Visionaires to help carry our Pan Culture forward. If Pan have to go any where it cant reach too far under the Umbrella of Pantrinbago. We need People with Marketting Skills to carry us forward and beyond. Pantrinbago as a body main concern is Panorama. I remember and was very Proud of Pantrinbago when they Staged the World Steel band Festival @ Madison Square Garden in 2005 which was very Historical. They failed thereafter by not ever having any footage of that Great Show either in DVD or CD form. Forget that. Last Year they held a National Steel band Festival in T&T same thing no DVD or CD just Memories for those who were present. These same Pantrinbago Jokers are now planning to Host in Trinidad an International Panorama Competition. This have to be a Big Joke!


What's in it for bands from foreign? it can't be the prize money, bragging rites? how can one brag when it's not the real panorama, by the way how many bands from T&T are allowed to participate? Did they say how many players each band are allowed? they will need more than Jack Warner to pull off this Panorama World Cup.


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