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The Minister of National Security declared on national TV that whether it is 1 or 3 steelbands, to him, it's the same NOISE.  He says he can't tell the difference.  It hurts when you know the sacrifices and hardwork that pannists undergo to produce good music.  To me that comment is serious and a heavy pounding for pan.  How come everybody is so silent?

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I think the minister was referring to ''GUNFIRE''  RATHER THAN PAN NOISE.

Could say which TV Station and when(date) I am personally very hurt if this is true, as i am a former Steelbands man Morvant Ebonites to be precise

I would have to hear the minister declaration myself,before I can make an informed comment.

I hope PANTRINBAGO or WST can get a copy of the minister's comment,and have it posted.

Chanel 6 TV had it on the news,  I think is time for that government to go.

I'm looking for it now was it Monday or Tuesday?  I heard too just not sure which day!

What did THAT gov't do, Victor? How ya doin'?

Oh sure, yuh know to me, whether it is 1 or 3 or a full house of Government Minsters, it's the same dishonest liars, but pan ain't just "noise" its "enjoyable noise", however there never could be "enyoyable dishonest liars".........

You'll get real nah. Is not everyone in Trini would like Pan. I dont like Tassa,and there is nothing wrong with that. So if the Minister dont like Pan and says that, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!! At least he is honest about it (or probably honest for the first time). In T&T we have the freedom to like and dislike whatever AND SAY IT. Too much ado about nothing! Lets be open minded about it nah, PLEASE!

Well said, Berthel. As trinis  are we all supposed to love pan?. Now we have to love 'javelin' throwing too. At the end of the day it's all about  Jack and the gov't, and nutten about whether pan music is noisy or not.. BTW Some players use ear plugs when they play, ah wonder why??

Would like to hear/see the actual quote and not a potentially out-of-context paraphrasing. Not that this is beyond the realm of possibility but let's hear it for ourselves before raising our blood pressure

Mirriam-Webster’s definition of NOISE

(1) : loud, confused, or senseless shouting or outcry

(2) a : sound; especially : one that lacks agreeable musical quality or is noticeably unpleasant

b : any sound that is undesired or interferes with one's hearing of something

c : an unwanted signal or a disturbance (as static or a variation of voltage) in an electronic device or instrument (as radio or television); broadly : a disturbance interfering with the operation of a usually mechanical device or system

d : electromagnetic radiation (as light or radio waves) that is composed of several frequencies and that involves random changes in frequency or amplitude

e : irrelevant or meaningless data or output occurring along with desired information

(3) : common talk : rumor; especially : slander

(4) : something that attracts attention <the play … will make little noise in the world — Brendan Gill>

(5) : something spoken or uttered

(6) : a style of rock music that is loud, often discordant, and usually uses electronic noise (as feedback)

It is highly unfortunate that in 2013 we are addressing such a topic regarding the Pan, but even more embarrassing when this is coming from a Minister in the birthplace of the Pan. The Steelpan is now a core subject in all public High Schools in the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada ( no longer just extra curricula activities) . It is also well established in Universities in Canada and the USA


Salah, you have my respect as a Musician/Arranger, Panman, Elder and most of all Educator in our Pan World, but I would dare say that when I visited the Panorama-Semis ON BOTH DAYS, half of what I heard(and this is my opinion) was just noise, and I dont need Webster to explain what is noise. I know noise when I hear noise. I would be the first person to defend the Steelpan as our NATIONAL INSTRUMENT when I hear people speaking crap or trying to pull the instrument and or the Panman/woman down in any way, but noise is noise especially when the Steelband's management and their arrangers dont get it right. I suppose you must get both sides of the coin in any endeavour, and I know this, so I will not fool myself to believe that it is all good and sweet with the instrument, at least not just yet, we still have a lot of work to do on it to get it right.


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