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The Minister of National Security declared on national TV that whether it is 1 or 3 steelbands, to him, it's the same NOISE.  He says he can't tell the difference.  It hurts when you know the sacrifices and hardwork that pannists undergo to produce good music.  To me that comment is serious and a heavy pounding for pan.  How come everybody is so silent?

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Soccer/football?  I thought the thing was about Pan and noise? My mistake.

Well, Jean, all I can say is that, unless you were ever involved in pan, preferably playing an instrument, you don't necessarily appreciate the genius.  Look Patrick manning used to be a so-so tenor player back in the day when he was a student studying geology in Mona, but as PM, even he didn't get involved in supporting or promoting pan.  Unless you can tell me otherwise.   Please tell me otherwise.  And I also remember the lack of any enthusiasm in battling for patent rights for pan under the Panday govt.  So why be shocked?



Is he serious  about what he said about the national instrument.

I heard him on TV6 and was really shocked. and very dissapointed at his comments on the pan


Now if we are talking about one minister in the present. Deal with him why compare. This is our problem. We want to be politically correct.

Would appreciate the comment 'verbatim' before commenting, however pan music could be noisy, very noisy sometimes. I've seen pan players with earplugs, maybe they are to keep out the wax.

I guess all loud music could be considered 'noise".

Ever stood next to a DJ's truck? Now, that is noise!

A symphony orchestra is capable of making a lot of noise.

On the other hand one has to dislike the pan to call the outstanding and critically acclaimed music played by steelbands "noise".

Trained classical music adjudicators who have critiqued classical steel band performances over the years respectfully appreciated the musical capabilities of the steelband, and certainly didn't think it was noise.

One has the right to like or dislike Panorama of any other genre of steelband music, but to call it noise is insulting, especially for a representative of the country's government.

To quote calypsonian Chalkdust's alleged quote of Dr. Williams.

"Let the jackass bray"


Glenroy: These are some lyrics from AC/DC: ROCK AND ROLL AIN'T NOISE POLLUTION!!!

I have substituted  the words "ROCK "N" ROLL"  with "PAN!!!!"


We're just talkin' about the future
Forget about the past
It'll always be with us
It's never gonna die, never gonna die
PAN ain't noise pollution
PAN ain't gonna die
PAN ain't noise pollution
PAN it will survive
Yes it will, ha ha ha ha


Every musical expression has its critics. So we need to GROW UP and keep on stepping forward.







You are basically correct about what should be considered "noise" (DJ trucks, etc.) ... yet, if the minister meant to say (but said it  POORLY) that steelbands frequently sound noisy and monotonous, then I would not fault him greatly, because my own biggest complaint about pan is in fact the repetitiveness and monotony of asrrangements, from single pan band to big band ... even small bands trying to sound like dey big.  And the thing is that all of them believe that imitation can be  a substitute for musical originality.   If you want to imitate Clive Bradley, that is one thing, but that requires much more than just strings of notes.  Nevertheless, imitating something GOOD can somrtimes be a good thing, assuming you can do it well.


He's an arrogant, ignorant man who is in way above his head. More dis-respect for the Pan fraternity which makes it's way into all society.

This is the mindset that allows big trucks / DJ's on Carnival day to disrupt steelbands as they make their way up the barbergreene.

Maybe when some other country embraces the PAN and treasure it as their national instrument, we can all tell our grand children of the good ole days when.......

So who has the link that we can hear the Minister's statement for ourselves?

If I have to make "NOISE" with the minister,I want to know what I am making noise about.


 The opposition PNM has always called for the resignation ofd the National Security Minister Jack Warner to resign and He never did. I think this statement that he made about our National Instrument on this Historic occassion has shown us all how out of touch he is with our People and Culture. I think He should resign with immediate effect. Could You imagine if He was the Minister of Culture? This is outrageous>



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