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First, congratulations on a great show.

Second get a copy of The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli. Read it twice.  Then apply what you have learned to dealing with Rolly Polly aka "KD" and his gangstas.  Keep these fellas away from your organization.

If you are truly going to attract an international audience, you have to get some real audio engineers. Advance Dynamics did an okay job with the video, but truthfully Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Jayzee are not going to watch that live stream and say we need to hire these guys. The standards for great streaming of live concerts have been set for a while now.  You will not attract the young people without stepping up you Internet broadcast game.

The Big5 should always remain the "Big5"  Allow no new members unless they are willing to pay each member of the original Big5 a billion dollars each. Understanding your worth is the key. 

Don't hold two Big5 concerts twice in one year anywhere.  Get the Big5 to China.


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Mr. BUGS: I want a detailed analysis of your perception of the show!!!

What we learned and what we already knew:
Talent (organizational skills, music performance, engineering, event planning, marketing, etc) will rise to the top naturally unless it is artificially weighed down or blocked by the likes of Rolly Polly aka KD, the Photo and the other gangstas.
When professionalism kicks in, mediocrity is exposed - i.e. audio engineers.
The Pan and the Pan musicians have been ready for prime time for the decades, it is everything around them that is not. The pan players are the best in the world at what they do. The supporting services are not.
No other five steel orchestras in the world can match the global marketability of the Big 5.
The Big5 needs to pardner with leading orchestras abroad like Panorama Steel Orchestra in Japan, Hells Gate in Antigua, D'Radoes in New York and take the show on the road. Too many voices, too much advice, too much commess in Trinidad.
Hopefully the Steelband Foundation is up on this business of music and already have an Ad Sense account. If they can get their You Tube US/Japan/UK total views to up over the 800,000 to a million for each performace, they've got it made. It is a marketing challenge that should be easy for the folks in the organization to meet.


Claude, just wanted to post this for pan lovers around the world.


When we get catch in foreign LAND
We still hunger for we PAN
Ella Andall: Pan Is Meh Jumbie

YouTube as of this evening showed online viewership is at 10,500 and growing, tripling the crowd size estimated in attendance. This could mean good returns on their ad buys that are device specific, mobile phones, computers, tablets, TV and Game Consoles.

You Tube compiles data “Analytics” that shows online viewership including demographics; same as FB where your viewing habits and social media activities are monitored/tracked and sold to advertisers. That's how they make their BILLION$.

I saw this new car ad when I started watching the BIG5 concert on my home theater system using a PS3 platform.

ISF will have to calculate how they are going to maximized return$$ on their live stream investment.


This is so important.

I hope the International Steelband Foundation are listening to you. The Google Analytics will give them every piece of data they need.
You laid out everything right here for them.


Bugs it is easier to put the Steelband on the road and bring China to the BIG5.

Cecil, That's where it started. On the road almost 70 years ago. That's just the beginning. We have reached the point where I was speaking and writing some 7 years ago. International recognition. Billion dollar pan industry. International Pan Radio and Pan TV stations. On the Internet, DVDs and Cds, MP3 files and on the wide screens. Africa, South America, Japan, China, India, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, and other EU countries are to experience this new and exciting instrument not yet sufficiently known as it should be both on the roads and performance circuits. The Internet can be a source of billions of various currencies raised. Ask the billionaires on the Internet that have made it almost overnight. So lets think beyond T&T roads Cecil. That was just the start. I have always said since 7 years ago pan has gone past T&T. And that's good. The Big5 show is just a small start in the right direction. The performances must include other musicians and singers and genres of music of all nations. The pan is that kind of instrument where it has incorporated this thought from the beginning.

Inez: They ACTUALLY HEARD THE SONG. Very Dangerous!! Really good!!! Yuh just make me reassess some of my views!!!


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