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Ms. Prime Minister Keep Your Greens - Move the Semi Finals to Friday & Saturday - Stop the Dissrepect of Pan & Our Youth

Ms. Prime Minister ultimately the buck stops with you.

It is time for the disrespect of Pan and culture to stop. The world is watching. You cannot claim to support the efforts of the young people of Trinidad and Tobago on one hand and support the existence of the Greens at the Panorama semi finals with the other.  That's like handing a burning cigarette to a runner after he has just completed a race. It is a toxic mix.

Stop the disrespect Ms. Prime Minster. Time for you to lead by example.


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I think its very Foolish to Blame the PM for the Pool Party. Panorama is Pantrinbago Baby. The PM cannot overseer every thing that goes on in Sweet Trini. The is very unfair and very Tribal. Very soon You will Blame Her for the Panorama Results.  She don't Deserve this Flak!

Val last year at the Pool Party the Minister of Culture came out and said the Pool and the Greens was a great idea. If someone had drown in the pool who would have gotten the Flak? The government is the provider of the prize monies. The government is the entity that pays the players. Like or not Panorama is a government sponsored event.


My Bro. Bugs. I might have agreed with You if the Pool Party was a distraction to the Panorama, but its not. This is Our Culture. Pool party cant generate the Crowd and Financial Dividends out side of Panorama. Some Trinis like Party and Some like Pan. I think this Marriage will work. Sometimes We have to think Positive and look forward. Our Motto  ''Disciple - Production and Tolerance is at work here. It all falls under the auspices of Pantrinbago its not an Outside Entity. Tolerance My Bro. ''Peace & Love''

This is not our culture. The Greens was not always a part of Panorama. If men like Rudolph were alive this could not happen. But that is besides the point.

What's the problem with moving the semi finals to Saturday? What's the problem with letting the Greens Party go on without Panorama present? What is this need to have pan present while this foolishness is going on? Why can't Pan Trinbago just collect their money from the Greens in peace without subjugating the pan community to the disrespect of the Greens?


"Foolishness"? To whom?  "The 'greens' was not always a part of panorama", but panorama was not always part of carnival either. The question persists: Did the 'greens' affect panorama this year?


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