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Ms. Mia Gormandy a member of the Neal & Massey Trinidad All Stars student at the Northern Illinois University was voted Woman of the Year 2011 at 22yrs of age .She has also been accepted at the Florida State University to do her PhD in ethnomusicology.

The President, Central Executive and members in Trinidad & Tobago and Worldwide congratulate and wish you all success Ms.Gormandy in your academic and other undertakings. 

From the news desk of Pan Trinbago

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*****Mia: Congratulations on your achievement and recognition. Continued success in all of your undertakings. It was nice to see you in the $2M front line enjoying yourself. Blessings.
When Steel Talks extends our congratulations to Ms. Mia Gormandy.

Many congrats, indeed, Ms. Gormandy.


Congratulations Mia!!!!!! So happy for you and proud to know that we belong to the same band. All the best, enjoy, see you soon.
congratulations and continue the good work.



Well done Mia......Love & Blessings!
Congrats from the Team at Panadigm Innovations Limited, Mia!!
Congratulations Mia. I did not expect less from you. Woman power again!. Congrats also to your parents for their support throughout your years of studying.
Mia, congratulations on your achievement.  THE WEB.
Congratulations Ms. Gormandy and best of luck in your future endeavours!
Keep yourself blessed and cheerful. play a not for me when you get a chance...lol


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