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I would like to try doing some music for pan and would like to arrange it from my laptop, any one have any good programs I can use that will give me the full lines of instrument in a band?

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Finale…or its cheaper version, Print Music...http://www.finalemusic.com/products/finale-printmusic/

I use Cubase. It 's an advanced program but very useful.

I Use Cubase and Reason  they are advance programs but with time and Patience you could learn too. 

Finale and Sibelius are good music notation programs

there is a music software call Indigsound  that works with Native Instrument Kontak 5it has the full Pan assembly of the pan you can goggle it or check it out on youtube I used it well I made test recording and it sounded very real and I just did basic just some chord a bass line and a simple melody nothing complex nothing plan just what I felt at the time check it out on youtube I use Cubase DAW and Reaper DAW I had no problem I haven't done any thing complex with it yet because I am still setting up my music studio

Finale is  for natation, scoring  if you need notation you can also do  natation in Cubase  Pro 8.5

I really meant for you to check out the Indigisound on YouTube I don't have any music on YouTube

If you use a Mac, LOGIC is the Best easiest to use Recording, Mastering and Scoring program.

I think he is looking for something that gives you the sound of the pan not notation software I could be wrong

There are several programs that vary in price and sophistication, but most take time and practice to learn.  Since I am not a professional musician, I use the freeware MuseScore, which has good technical support, but is still a work in progress. If you are a professional musician, you will want a more sophisticated program. I am a music student, and my professor teaches his students a program called Cubase. However, before spending all that money you can peruse serious reviews and discuss programs with professionals in your field.

Thank you all the notation will be great also but was more looking forward to a program and can use my key board and do tenor parts guitars etc and blend them all, and I looked at the Indigsound and that is just what am looking for

You are welcome because I was looking for the same program I bought it when it first came out I hope they do up grades but so far mines is still working very good, make some music Brother


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