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Hello to everyone in When Steel Talks,

I posted a discussion on the forum a couple months ago, asking for help with finding people to meet during my first trip to Trinidad and Tobago. I have studied the history and culture of Trinidad, and specifically the steelband movement, for around six years now. I fell in love with the pan my first year at Indiana University, where I played in the steelband for five years. Since graduating, I co-founded the Indiana Steel Pan Association to represent and serve the pan community in my state. I am really driven to keep the history and culture intact in the pan scene in America, and I want to do everything I can to make sure pan "grows up" right in my state.

Finally, after all my research and studying, I'm making my first pilgrimage to the Mecca of Pan, Trinidad and Tobago. I'm going to be playing with Starlift in this year's Panorama, but I'll also be meeting people to learn first hand about history and cultural things. When Steel Talks has asked me to do daily reports on my experiences while I'm down here. I feel this is a major step in my pan life, and while I'm here I will be working very hard to be able to learn and grow as much as I can. After all, there is an entire pan community that will benefit from any lessons, knowledge, or networking I can bring home with me! Hopefully some of this proves helpful or interesting, and I welcome any suggestions for topics and or things to include in my trip.

Thanks for the people who are supporting me down here and at home, and for everyone who follows this discussion!

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Thanks for all of these posts, Eric. You are so talented in the way your writing brings alive the sights and sounds (tastes, smells?) of your experiences. We have all enjoyed vicariously living out your first impressions of our Carnival and the pan scene here. Best of luck to you in all your future pursuits.


Hi, Eric,

Good to know that you arrived home safely. Continue with your passion and dedication for the Pan ...surely good and positive things will come your way,..... best wishes with your Pan organization. It was a great pleasure meeting and sharing the 'Trini' experience with you..... stay in touch and visit us in Montreal in the future.





Eric... thank you so much for your blog about the 'land of oil and music' that Trinidad is.  Sometimes we Trinis forget how wonderful our island is and maybe we focus too much on the negatives instead of dwelling on the positives which primarily are the majority of the people who live there and are so kind, generous, loving and cheerful even in the midst of adversity.  I am absolutely certain that with people like you and the entire pan community that has finally been given an meeting place in WST to vent, talk, meet, chat and voice their thoughts and opinions; that Steel band in Trinidad will become strong again and take their place on the road and in the ears of the people of TNT.  It is already in their hearts so it is not a long road to the end result.  

Again....thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to bring us back to what we have in the heart and soul of Pan.

Eric..Thanks for your blog man. I'm happy you enjoyed your trip to "The Mecca of Pan". I thoroughly enjoyed reading and following your experience. Imagine, this Trini has only ever played in one Panorama, having spent much of my adult life outside TnT. Just like you, it was one of my greatest experiences ever with extremely fond memories to this day. Thank you sir.....you have rekindled my desire to play the greatest instrument ever invented, and engineered my resolve to get lost in pan again.
D, I can't tell you how much this response means to me! I am thrilled and incredibly proud to know that my posts could lead you back into pan! Cheers to that, my friend!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us Eric. Reading your blogs brought back so many happy memories. A life with pan is a life enriched and truly blessed. 2012 here we come!!! Safe journey home. Dx

Hello Eric,

I'm sure by now you're waking up every morning pinching yourself in disbelief that it really wasn't a dream.

And as that thought swiftly vanishes, it is replaced by a very broad smile and a determination that it will be repeated hopefully several more times.

Although I left my home in Trinidad way back in 1966 and did not return until 2004. The food, atmosphere and steelband music was too much of a magnate for me to stay way.  As soon as my wife Anna and I got back to England Carnival 2005 was booked. We have been back every Carnival since, up to 2010. Even though we missed this year, as an old Starlift boy it felt like you were my eyes and ears. For that we both thank you.

You no doubt have heard hundreds of stories of how it used to be, especially from guys like Hugh Borde.  But you must not let that take anything away from your first encounter of the” fourth kind”

-being part of it, breathing it, feeling it, loving it. I really do hope next year God willing we meet in the House Of Music on Mucurapo Road extension. Until then, may you keep smiling, keep playing and enjoying life because you know what’s just round the corner, Carnival 2012! Life for Pan




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