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National Panorama 2020 Finals - Order of Appearance: Large Conventional Bands

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This system should not let someone take the survey more than once. The output will not be proper.

I kept it loose for one main  reason.  You may have a central computer at some location, eg an internet cafe, and this allows for that - multiple uses of the same computer by different folks. The same goes for a computer at the pan yard.

Therefore you may get goosing up of the results, but that is something I / we could live with.

Great, appreciate the feedback.

That's not how it works, Just one URL address (LINK) is needed to access your main server or data repository, a place that collects the data. One can use a desktop computer, an iPhone, Laptop or iPad to send their data.

The internet cafe scenario is a low probability.  The format used within this forum for discussions is user-friendly, there's no need to duplicate your LINKS within a discussion. One reference is all that's needed for a user interested to respond.

Best regards.


PHASE 2 is the dark horse in the race.

No dark horse here Cecil, Phase II has the best tune/arrangement for this panorama competition,with a superb performance,the band would win.

Patrick: One day you know SO MUCH about PAN MUSIC and the next day yuh DOH KNOW NOTHING about GOOD PAN MUSIC.

PHASE II??? PANORAMA MUSIC done reach PHASE V and PHASE VI and you still in PHASE II???


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