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I've come to understand and through my own investigation and calculations, that it seems like we have some Panorama Badjohns as Officials. Why is it that in individual and different sectors i am hearing of bands who have been either bullied into the "holding bay" before they got on stage or in terms of the single pan catergory, bands that were stopped from rehearsing and rushed to the judging point. 9 out of the 11 bands (who i know of) who either protested or didnt fully comply lossed enough points to take them out of the competition when one or two of these bands were as far up the ladder as 3rd place overall.

Some members have quoted these Panorama Officials on the drag, as stating things to the bands that can actually be taken as threats.


Utterances like "Allyuh doh move up now and you will see" & "It have no more practicing here, when we say to move allyuh better move"


Taking into consideration that we all want the competition to move smoothly, i totally agree. However, this is the 21st century, 2011 to be exact, for those of you who believe pan is the same place it was 50yrs ago, you need not even bother to comment. Pan has grown and likewise we would hope the competitions would have done the same.


Why cant we seem to have fair play even though its a competition?? why is it that some bands are being allowed to rehearse that "EXTRA" time, and NO ONE cant tell them to move their pans?? Why is it that these bands are only the ones with the "BIG NAMES"??


Panorama is sooo subjective that before bands even perform they are judged. From the officials who have their own grudges, favorites, etc.. to the Judges who looking at the condition of pans (chrome, painted) Uniforms, etc.. Let's stop it.


I have pledge to become an advocate for every band that feel they too small or too afraid to take on this MONSTER we have as PAN TRINBAGO.

In closing, I shall start with those incompetent judges who have the audacity to penalize bands for what is not their fault - Imagine a Judge wrote on a score sheet of a band " We do not know the song".


This kind of nonsense ENDS HERE...


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"what do bands do to ensure that the judges at least have a recording of their tune of choice?"


the band doesn't have to do anything -- that's not their responsibility.  The judges don't work 'for' the bands - they work for Pan Trinbago.... its the event producer's reponsilbity to get that information to the judges. They could easily burn some CD's with all the tunes, or even give them the WST website info, but no matter how they get the info to the judges, it's PanTrinbago that has to make sure who working for them has the necessary info to get the job done.


If all of us all around the world can, with two clicks, see the list of who is playing what - AND hear every tune - i don't buy for one minute, that a judge who takes their task seriously, could not do the same thing. Even if  the producer falls down on the job of providing them with this info --  they could act like they cared bout what they were doing and either ASK for it, or seek it out for themself. It only takes 5 minutes to google and find EVERY tune the bands are playing and the list of who playing what -- right on this website


i mean really -  how is it that here i am in Pennsylvania, USA and i know every note of every tune, can sing de whoal of it, pick out the verse and chorus and play most of them in my own living room, a month before preliminaries --  yet a judge IN trinidad "don't know the tune"??  WDA kinda dummy is that?? 


How can that lameazz b.s. even be considered a valid reason to deduct points from a score? please.  it's not the BAND's problem that the judge doesn't have their information straight.  that's on THEM -- not the performer. 







Hitting the nail on the head here... It's Sad that bands have to take this kind of treatment and the most they here for a reason or excuse is - JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL.. OR TAKE IT TO SOME COMMITTEE..

Yet the unknown or smaller bands who work as hard as any of the big names are the only ones usually treated with such disrespect.



"it usually boils down to nothing more than 20"


exactly. it is a different set of judges for each different category -- there is PLENTY of time between pinims and semi's for Pan Trinbago to burn a couple CD's with ALL the semi-finals tunes;  one CD for each category, & give a copy to each judge in said category -  and plenty of time for said judges to listen to the tunes in their category.


this concept of "the judge's decision is final"  has no credibility unless said judges know their subject matter, and take it seriously ... so their decisions are based upon something valid - not just random nonsense.


Couldnt agree more...

The judges do not have to know the song in advance.  They have to know the name of the song, but not necessarily the musical score.  Then they should judge the performance based on developed criteria for judging, with little room for subjectivity if they were properly trained.  We assume, of course, that the judges have a background in music.  But now training, training, training in judging is important, that is the application of the judging criteria.



Seems like you raised a hornet's nest.

I read all the responses and wow...what perspectives.

On the track could really be a stressful experience if your band is disorganised, but playing/practicing on the track is also a medium for people who either are unable to pay to hear pan or have chosen to be there for what ever reason to at least get a taste/sample of what the paying patrons hear.

Can you imaging going to perform and you are ill-treated on the track? That can unnerve you if you are not mentally strong. As a pannist, and having had the track experience as a performer for 36 years, as recently as this year, as I, a member of Renegades, await Pan Trinbago's stance for final night, it's a beautiful experience to play on the track for friends, family and other well-wishers. I actually thought with the new and improved Savannah infrastructure, I thought I would've seen at least two specific areas marked off where bands would actually play their tune (not practice per say) but if you want a band is not at liberty to play a note on the tracks.

I can attest to hearing some not-so-professional words expressed by officials but education is the key. People and good communication skills!

With regard judges being aware of the song prior to performance.

It helps because from the first note they need to know whether or not your introduction has any bearing on the piece. Then they need to know whether or not the first verse and chorus has any relation the original tune, then they take it from there.

But it's not difficult to become aware of the tunes to be performed. I am thinking ALL the judges are computer learned or can get someone who can access tunes on the internet for listening purposes prior to Panorama.

It also speaks to personal preparednss aimed at ensuring the respective individual/s has/have the correct rendition should tunes be submitted to them.

Can you imagine a judge advised that a band is to play Pan Army and it is learned and the next thing on the day of competition, they hear the house announcer informing the band is playing something else?


So there is something called personal/independent responsibility notwithstanding the fact that they are to rely upon Pan Trinbago to furnish them with a list of bands and related renditions.


yes, it absolutely should be the job of Pan Trinbago. - but if they don't do it, IMHO a judge who cares about what they're doing, could go to "plan B" - and take it upon themself to get the information they need, any way they possibly can. As Ms. Blood said..... from a sense of personal responsiblity to do a fair and good job. 


in any case i feel it's ABSOLUTELY WRONG for a judge to deduct points cause THEY don't know the tune, that's just weak - cause there are SO many avenues for them to make sure they DO know it, if they care enough to do so.  there's just no valid excuse for not finding the information when it is so easy to get.


 if something isn't 'the way it is supposed to be", forget them -- and do whatever it takes to get a thing done myself. 



Hi Catt, the other part of the equasion that should be obvious to all by now, is the need for judges who are not only learned musicians but individuals with WORLD CLASS REPUTATIONS.  These are the judges that will give you their best at all times.  Reason being, they have reputations to protect, and they know that their peers are watching them.  They cannot afford to have their names ridiculed by claims of incompetence based on poor or questionable judging decisions. 
Well done.. this is a  WORLD CLASS comment.. But i am telling you that Not one of these Judges really care about Reputation when the believe they are covered by "THE JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL".. In Fifa world cup a team can appeal a refferee decision.. Olympics have an appeal committee but Pan Trinbago would like us to believe we cant do anything after results come out. But in any democracy we DO..
Just curious... with top cash prize earnings ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of TT dollars.... how much money does a panorama judge work for?

Eye4Pan you looking to cause trouble.  Asking what Lebron or Kobi makes is one thing. Asking what a panorama judge makes is "top secret" .  LMAO




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