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I've come to understand and through my own investigation and calculations, that it seems like we have some Panorama Badjohns as Officials. Why is it that in individual and different sectors i am hearing of bands who have been either bullied into the "holding bay" before they got on stage or in terms of the single pan catergory, bands that were stopped from rehearsing and rushed to the judging point. 9 out of the 11 bands (who i know of) who either protested or didnt fully comply lossed enough points to take them out of the competition when one or two of these bands were as far up the ladder as 3rd place overall.

Some members have quoted these Panorama Officials on the drag, as stating things to the bands that can actually be taken as threats.


Utterances like "Allyuh doh move up now and you will see" & "It have no more practicing here, when we say to move allyuh better move"


Taking into consideration that we all want the competition to move smoothly, i totally agree. However, this is the 21st century, 2011 to be exact, for those of you who believe pan is the same place it was 50yrs ago, you need not even bother to comment. Pan has grown and likewise we would hope the competitions would have done the same.


Why cant we seem to have fair play even though its a competition?? why is it that some bands are being allowed to rehearse that "EXTRA" time, and NO ONE cant tell them to move their pans?? Why is it that these bands are only the ones with the "BIG NAMES"??


Panorama is sooo subjective that before bands even perform they are judged. From the officials who have their own grudges, favorites, etc.. to the Judges who looking at the condition of pans (chrome, painted) Uniforms, etc.. Let's stop it.


I have pledge to become an advocate for every band that feel they too small or too afraid to take on this MONSTER we have as PAN TRINBAGO.

In closing, I shall start with those incompetent judges who have the audacity to penalize bands for what is not their fault - Imagine a Judge wrote on a score sheet of a band " We do not know the song".


This kind of nonsense ENDS HERE...


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Lol....I hear you Bugs...what a crying shame though... If one would take a step back and look at the Whole Panorama picture considering the concerns of all from left to right top to bottom, it is plain to see that "The competition" is a big Fiasco and utter dissappointment but looking from the outside in, "the show" is an awesome event to bear witness and still has so much room for improvement the potential is monumental. These cats are wasting time,energy and a whole lot more.... steupppsss


There is almost nothing in the world like Panorama and I say almost because "I think" the only competition that bears resemblance is the marching band competitons of high schools and colleges world wide (YouTube it). Panorama is the "sport of musicians" and has the potential to allign itself Literally with the title "The best show on Earth". There is Pan in the U.S, Pan in Japan, Pan in Africa, Pan in Switzerland, Pan in Europe, Pan in Australia, Pan in New Zealand, Pan in the Carribean Pan All Over The World!!!!  T&T already missed the bus as to who rightfully created Pan till here in the states when I go on a gig people think it came from Jamaica (well everything carribean is Jamaican to alot of people who simply does not know LOL) lack of documentation but that's another topic... T&T should jump at the opportunity to introduce a "WORLD PANORAMA COMPETITION" before someone else does because sooner or later someone else will.....


Kudos to Vine and Gospelpan and whomever else for introducing the virtual edition of World Panorama....


and that folks amongst many other grand ideas for Pan and Pan's industry is where it's at....





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