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Revisiting - New York 2011 Steel Orchestra Panorama in REVIEW - the good, the bad, the ugly

New York 2011 Steel Orchestra Panorama in REVIEW

New York, USA - The good, the bad, the ugly and things that leave me SMH & LMAO about 2011 New York Panorama. When Steel Talks reviews the 2011 New York panorama season in total.


The week leading up to the Panorama, New York was visited by an earthquake, and then a hurricane.  So it was clear this panorama was going to be a rumble.  Panorama remains the single most important community-based performing arts event that is Caribbean culture-influenced in America - challenged only by drum and bugle corps competitions and Brooklyn's J’Ouvert celebrations.

It was a long season with all the band launches and pre-panorama activities.  The launches were excellent. There was a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation that must exist for the launches to be fruitful. This is not to say that everything was 'peachy cream' and everyone agreed with everyone.  Let's just say folks saw the bigger picture, and behaved like adults with self-interest - long enough to get the job done.


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It's a sign of the times.  Nothing remains unchanged.



Yes, I agree. I am not sure I agree with the reason. I think that there are many reasons, sometimes labeled as 'progress'. The primary reason is the competition which coerces the bands, the arrangers and the followers too to want to win so badly. The second may be the 'classically trained musician judges' who are more impressed with the form than the content arrangers quite rightly are arranging to impress the judges. The third is that the steelband has progressively lost its position as the leader of the street mas and the need for that big tune on the road has disappeared. You may remember that there was a time when steel band tune selection played a big part in determining the road march. So the panorama stage has become the steelbands' concert arena. The judges and the afficionados are now listening for other pleasures. Only the players continue to dance to their own music. Is it a good change or a bad change? I don't know.

Of course I know that Smooth and Trinidad All Stars continues to keep the dance and the jump in its Panaorama selections. I couldn't help that little plug.

BigMac . . nobody who aint rite  . . likes criticism . . but dat doe stop we from givin it anyhow . ent . . dem tunes yuh list R som ah de real classics but dey raise de same argument . . de Judgin . . while at de same time som ah de odder bans play Toilet music . . shit aint change . . wen Solo win wid Jericho . . de bes Jericho was left out ah de finals . . 3rd World . . who also played Gold . .Fiery  among odders . . but dat is wot ah sayin . . .so we hah tuh ask weself wot good is Panorama anyway . . tuh gey we somting tuh argue bout every year ? ?  is notin new . . remember North-Stars . . an Guiness Cavaliers . . wen Noise win over de bes music . . accordin tuh de Judges . . We hah tuh re-evaluate dese tings . . de Good an Bad of Panorama over de years . . if we keepin it den we hah tuh Improve it NOW...   Pan is We-ting  we love tuh say . . yet as Stalin say . . "de Pan gone an de Panman stay "Pan is now truly International . . In all de odder countries de Pannists play wid music sheets in front ah dem . . wey we doin . . We doe have ah Pan Factory YET . .  wey we doin . . still arguin bout who better dan who . .Pan is BIG Business . . wey we doin . . We not prepared fuh dis transishun . . buh we play real good . . ent . . We doe want tuh correct  de mistakes [shit really ]  we keep makin an again like Stalin say  . . "One ah dese days we go wake up an hear wot we go find . . "  somebody else claim de Steelban . . den we go hah somting else tuh argue bout . .  Mac . . U an all de odder True Pan People . . hah tuh sit dong an do som Serious Plannin . . .as tuh de Road forward fuh Pan . . cause is real . . de Pan movin away from we . . daily . . an Tabanka is not ah nice ting . . it could be deadly

To each its own, like everything else a change got to come. While the main stream played tunes made for pan by the calypsoians we have one man Boogsie who composed his own tune. He had a new vision for pan music, then men like Pelham, Smooth and the others caught on. In days of old Anthony Williams invented the Spider Web Pan because he wanted to add a little spice to the pan, Rudolph Charles invented Quatrophonics Pans, 12 Base and 9 Base Pans, Bertie Marshall invented the Amplified Pan. I was at Panorama 2010 and it was fantastic all bands played great except the last band. Years ago steelband men were considered low class but now they are in demand, each band have their supporters and they go to the pan yard to listern to the runs of the tune, by the time Semi finals comes around you know the whole tune so u can sing along and dance freely. Give the arrangers and steelband men more credit, they have come a long way as Boogsie said "Do Something For Pan". Only real pan entuastics will support the art form, this is what the arrangers want to bring to the table, this is how he or she feels in their hearts then we need to appreciate that talent. Keep Pan Alive we must let the whole world know this music is worth embracing.




N.Y.Panorama aint so much different tuh Trini Panorama . . De Bans Play . . de People Sway . . an de Judges put everybody in disarray . . wid dey drug / drinks / induced decisions . .  Som ah de arrangements R ketchy an draw yuh in from de start . .while som make yuh want tuh go fuh ah drink or tuh de toilet . . but dat does happen in Tn T 2 . . De standard of pans  / bans an Arrangers  . .R D same . . well almost . . but is close . . Steelbans still unite de communities an provide ah very good avenue of xpression fuh de youths especially . . tuh keep dem out ah de usual wildness dat Summer Heat brings . . buh since Panorama an Jouvert is de only time yuh see an hear de bans on de road . . den dey need tuh be organized better . . 1st prize fuh Panorama should be $100.000.00 . . an fuh Jouvert  . . dey should have ah lot more prizes . .$ $  . . ie Bomb . . someting odder dan ah Kaiso . . an ah ole time kaiso . . an yuh Panorama jam . . 3 different prizes . . at 3 different judgin points . . . den we could decide who is de bes beatin ban on de road . .   an get proper Judges . . dat will encourage de bans tuh play more tunes on de road . . an not spend de whole summer practisin one song fuh Panorama . .   dey also need One Damm well-Organized an meanin Pan Body . . tuh represent de Steelbans . . Standards needs tuh be set by de Governin body fuh each band tuh follow . . fuh each member tuh be registered . . an so tuh be paid wen de dust settle . . an tanked accordinly . .

Your observation is so true, have we also forgotten when bands used to play on the move on the track. Very few bands can still do that. Actually that was one of the most important energies which was produced by the players and the supporters. Pan Trinbago, in attempt to portray a show to showcase to the world and also thinking of getting larger gate receipts, forgot the origin of this competition and the culture of people who created its development. Panorama in Trinidad evolved from the bowels of the poor just where the pan came from, supporters jumping and supporting their band, pushing pan , just taking part , however they could. 

Do you remember the new era of Pan round the neck, when Tripolians had the most people on the track jumping? 

But, that's the price of progress, is it really progress? or are we playing into the hands of larger countries who will beat us at their game.

Curiosity has been seriously lacking for a while there is a lack of continuity in most.songs no story just abstract lines


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