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Anyone knows if there will a live stream?

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i think this is the wrong panorama its from a few yrs ago

Maybe WIADCA is not running WIADCA any more.

i saw no cameramen or even video on the big screens behind the stage so i doubt a DVD will come out of the panorama either. just as well cause the sound was uniquely sadistic.

PAN IS DEAD. It was really nice while it lasted.

At least I enjoyed it.

( I still do really but not much of the modern stuff or jab jab music)



Randi we kill we own ting, it looks like we have to start calling on JESUS to raise pan [steelband] from the dead.

im trying to find  out too

PanRas, you gone Back in Times, This info here is 2012 we are in 2014,

i am looking for a live stream. if you fine one please post

There is one in 2012 & 2013


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