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Revisited -- New York Steelband Organizations Sandbagged!

Panorama Promoters say - No money for you!

In a move that only a Bernard “Bernie” Madoff, Al Capone, or recently convicted felon, former New York police commissioner Bernard “Bernie” Kerik and /or the other Wall Street notorious corporate thugs, would have the audacity to pull-off in broad daylight - New York steelband panorama 2009 participants were told they would not be getting paid some two and a half months after they performed at a jammed-packed event. The event, held by WIADCA (West Indian America Day Carnival Association), had thousands of attendees paying premium dollars. Annually, the NYC panorama is the biggest event draw during the Labor Day Carnival festivities held behind the Brooklyn Museum.

NYC’s steelband music organizations have long held the steadfast belief that WIADCA was robbing them deaf, dumb and blind over the decades; however this latest slap has added a new chapter to strange and economically abusive relations between the NYC steelpan musicians and the event promoters WIADCA. Indeed, WIADCA has been living in a Gangstas’ Paradise according to the NYC’s steelband management personnel who spoke to When Steel Talks (WST). Moreover they found it incredible that WIADCA publicly declared in a meeting with steelband management that it would not be paying bands prize winnings et al. This is despite, band managements say, the clearinghouse of hundreds of thousand of dollars in cash via gate receipts and lucrative beverage and liquor sales from the Bar - on the panorama event night itself; they refuse to believe all that income has simply vanished.

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As only a spectator, I can't even believe what I'm reading.....how can they do that to people!!!!! I can't even imagine how those Bands are feelin' about this.....
Hello- i just re-read this old thread and thought to ask....

Does anyone know the outcome of this? Were the NY bands paid for 09 Panorama?


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