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S.N.S.E, (St James North stars Steel orchestra Enterprise) will sell their Design Patent, Trademark, and Copyrighted 4ths and 5ths technology shares to Japan & China, only keeping their Moral right as Moral rights cannot be transfered, CEO Jordan...

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We may as well give them the keys for the store too....

Could you place a link to their patent? Also what is different with theirs versus the common public domain 4ths and 5ths or the PanYard solid hoop 4ths and 5ths?

Other patent news from before:


I have two questions :

!)   Honestly,  I thought that the technology was already in the public domain and as they say , the cat was already out of the bag. Am I wrong?

2)   Why would one be selling patents to countries and not to corporate or private entities?

Is that possible?

Even if this is true....why don't they sell it to Professor Copeland and the team of UWI Technocrats.......at least it would remain on home soil

Very good question Tony Blackman, 4th and 5th belongs to Tony Williams not S.N.S.E, at this stage of the game what use is $5-$10 mill. to Tony?  ah smelling something here. By the way who is behind S.N.S.E?

Not sure, but I do hope the guys behind North Stars aren't taking advantage of Tony Williams' dementia or whatever medical problems he has...That would be tiefing and selling out to the highest bidder

Tony Williams does not have dementia. He has  cataracts, an operable condition, which costs , not a lot to fix, but more than his pan patent has earned him so far.  

Lillian Sten, you seem to know a lot about Tony, why can't an agreement be made with people in T&T?

OK .... dementia might be too strong a word, but explain this..... if Tony Williams only has eye/sight problems, why does he have to use a wheelchair, and why does he mutter to himself

Leslie Michael Jordan, CEO, SNSE. Makes no 'snse' to me.  

Before we start jumping to conclusions, we are not members of the S.N.S.E so we do not know the reason behind it, and another thing, I don't think S.N.S.E would sell it to Professor Copeland, not with what mess they went through with him in Court etc etc, I am sure that Leslie Jordan will let us know in due time. 


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