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A Central Executive meeting held on Friday 17th Sept morphed into the role of a Kangaroo Court led by Judge Beverley Ramsey-Moore and preferred TRUMPED up charges against Dane Gulston and Gerard Mendez.

In true judge, jury and executioner style they proceeded to sentence the accused to immediate suspension in complete disregard for the principles of natural justice and the process and procedure enshrined in Pantrinbago's Constitution.

It beats me how the other members of the Central Executive could encourage and endorse this tyranny when i know that at least one of them was informed beforehand that their intended action was illegal.

It is noteworthy to mention that in 2014, Beverley Ramsey-Moore and the New Visionaries were given 21 days by the membership to justify their breach of the constitution before they were made Personae Non Grata. Where is the fair play and justice?

From the News Desk of Gerard Mendez


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Not nice to hear! Perhaps the Executive should go together into a formal Retreat, facilitated by Facilitator(s) to air grievances, and sort out responsibilities so as to shape the way forward  strategically and positively

Alternatively all steelbands could withdraw their membership of the organization. No membership means no one can be "leader". Just a provocative thought...

George: I read all of your postings and I will tell you flat that YOU CANNOT READ DEM PEOPLE and you CANNOT understand the depth of their GREED and FINANCIAL DESPERATION.

By the way, as a man who lives for CALYPSO LYRICS and watching your writing style, I would love to have a little exchange with you some time in terms of blending your POETRY with THE LANGUAGE OF CALYPSO which is really our DIALOGUE IN SONG!!!

Anyway, dey cyar move BEVERLEY out of that office because that $27,500 a month -- she eh giving that up for NO REASON whatsoever.

The more things change the more they remain the same. Sad.


she will make a great pnm senator

  well schooled by ag


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