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This is the BIGGEST BOOGSIE FORUM in the world and everybody watched the MUSICAL GENIUS  slip to 7th and 8th in the last two PANORAMAS -- yet utter silence.

What kinda ah love is that?

Don't tell me that THE BOOGSIE FAITHFUL JUMP SHIP and gone with RENEGADES and DUVONE!!!

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For what it's worth, from a musical standpoint I think his interpretation of Hello was totally brilliant and he more than rose to the "challenge" of arranging not only someone else's song but a "simple" soca for Phase II. From prelims I was hooked.

To me placement means nothing. Don't forget that his classic I Music could only muster a 6th place at finals.

However I could have done without the ringtone. That exact idea had already been used on the Savannah stage, didn't fit and besides, who even has a Nokia still? That was an ironically anachronistic choice while making the modern move going soca...

Noah, for what's it's worth Mozart doh play Chopin, It is my opinion that moving away from his signature "own tune" worked against him, at this stage of his career I believe he should continue to tie-up the judges head with his own music.  


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