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No singing - “You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch” - to WIADCA - WIADCA delivers the Goods

WIADCA delivers the Goods to Steels Orchestra and Masqueraders Fraternity

New York, USA - “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire - Jack Frost nipping at your nose.” Ooops! Got caught up with the moment. Well, what do you expect with the city blanketed with snow from the weekend storm and seasonal lights and decorations everywhere. In the spirit of the season, indeed, one would have expected the annual West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) award ceremony to be a festive occasion. On the contrary, it was quite subdued.

Everyone knows how that famous Christmas song goes - “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!” And for a moment it looked like Mr. Grinch was about to get his release from centuries of “bad talk.” A permanent replacement seemed eminent for that mean old grouch. But with a mere four days to spare before Christmas, the West Indian American Day Carnival Association held its award ceremony at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall and avoided Christmas purgatory.
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great beat as always, and merry Christmas!!.
Unfortunately nothing will happen in respect to real structure for this economic machine which
has been fulling the coffers of New York city for so many years until all parties recognize the
importance to coming together and commanding the needed respect. As far as WIADCA is
concerned, this fractured and limited institution will never be able to function properly until all
elements involved are included on it's BOD.

I am unable to identify one single individual who has the knowledge to utirlize the talents which
are available to manage an event which generates approximately $300 M dollars for the past 30
years or so. As far as the Band-leaders are concerned, it is a question of formation on Monday
disruption on Tuesday and reformation on Wednesday. There has always been some measure
of stability with with Steelbands, unfortunately the element of confusion and disruption seem to
periodically rear it,s devisive head and WIADCA just sits around and enjoy the effects of disunity
and it,s business as usual. As far as moving the Carnival to the proposed new stadium, a simple
review of all the economic factors involved would show whether there is wisdom in such a move
or not.

Perhaps the new venue could be used as a culmination point to accomodate the paying 15,000
after an adjustment to the starting time down Eastern Parkway / Flatbush Avenue etc.

Desmond M. Chase
Hawks International.


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