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SAN Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello does not support the suggestion by captain of San City Steel Orchestra Aquil Arrindell to cut Panorama prize money so players could receive a stipend.

Regrello said it was he, as an alderman at the San Fernando City Corporation and chair of its Carnival committee, who was able to get the prize money increased from $750,000 to $1 million. He said this was an incentive to get bands to participate in the 2017 National Panorama competition held for the first and only time at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

“They should not have gotten the increase just to come to San Fernando. One million should have always been the first prize as an incentive of what it costs to get them to the finals. But they were reluctant to come to Skinner Park,” Regrello said.

He said to get from preliminary to final stages, a large band’s budget is beyond $500,000.

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Is ah REAL SIMPLE explanation for this and I will say it for the VERY LAST TIME!!!


And NOBODY doh want to lose their PARTY CARD. Even PAN LOVERS in FOREIGN scared to stand up for the PLAYERS because they inwardly hoping and dreaming to go back home one day and they themselves doh want to lose their PARTY CARD even though they have lived in FOREIGN for decades.

Go around all the PAN CHAT SITES and you are lucky to get 25 PAN LOVERS (out of thousands) risking their political alliance supporting the PAN PLAYERS.

So if GYPSY and DOLLY say DOH PAY THE PAN PLAYERS -- NOBODY don't dare break ranks. Everybody have to sing the mantra for their supper: DOH PAY THE PAN PLAYERS.

Doh forget how much noise everybody make -- COLLECTIVELY -- when the next party cut the payments by $200!!!

How much it cut by now? And Everybody on THIS FORUM and on all dem PAN CHAT SITES -- SILENT!!!

Party Loyalty TRUMPING Pan Loyalty. And until that CHANGE -- PAN PROGRESS is a MYTH!!!

Regrello pointed to some “malfeasance inside there, with people giving out the names of others to get cheques. So that had to be sorted out, and sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward.”

Ah taught Gypsy was UNC, looks to me both Party screwing Pan Players...dey doh have Union representation.


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