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No support for steelpan and the youths in Trinidad and Tobago, Starlift Junior Steel Orch will not be performing in Montreal for the Montreal International Steelpan Festival 2011

Well the more things change, the more things remain the same. People especially politicians just provide lip service to the steelpan and the youths of TnT. Starlift Junior Steel Orch will not be heading to Canada to participate in the Montreal international Steelpan Festival next week. Despite proudly representing TnT at the Festival in 2010, playing to standing ovations and several encores and winning the Junior Panorama competition and placing 2nd in the Adult Panorama and gaining international exposure on the Pan Podium (England), When Steel Talks and Pan on the net, the government of TnT has decided to blank us. The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs which sponsored a concert featuring Nikki Minaj and other artistes has blanked us. The TTENT, Ministry of Tourism and TDC have all BLANKED us and the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism continues to give us a run around. Even corporate sponsors have blanked us. So in the home of steelpan, the cycle continues and no one really cares about the steelpan and the youth. Hopefully we will be able to attend the Festival in 2012. Meantime, Starlift Junior Steel Orch continues to perform well and strives to be the number 1 youth band in TnT.

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Barry has any of the other steel orchestras expressed solidarity with Starlift Junior or are we experiencing the classic crab in a barrel syndrome?
No, not to this date but I must say that we have had a tremendous amount of support from the Renegades Steel Orchestra with respect to our fund raising activities, anytime we ask them to perform for us, they willingly accept and do so very well too. But other than that, we have not had much support from other steelbands especially when it comes to our current plight.

Cecil there is plenty of time for Plan B.  The house is still on fire so plan A is not over yet.  Is there any reason why this organization cannot receive a written and public guarantee for next year's festival now in the worst case scenario?

This is not over.  Where is Pan Trinbago on this?  Why are they again silent? Opps, I forgot they work for the government.

The past and present Govts. of T&T has not really supported the the pan culture outside of Panorama. They use the pan whenever its convienient to them. They felt proud to present President Obama with a steelpan. This present Govt. has also shown their disdain for Pan. Gypsy is the biggest disappointment to the steelband movement. We should not really be surprised by his decision not to support the Starlift Youths, after his efforts to debunk this year's Panorama Competition by trying to cut the stipends that had been allocated to the steebands. My Brothers & Sisters of the steel band fraternity dont be to upset by this lack of effort by the Goverment to assist our youths. We must stay united and continue to fight. Pan was born from a struggle and we are still struggling. One day we will win the struggle and our pan- culture will rise to the top and we will all be happy. 'Have faith; Time is our friend'.

It's a shame the ministries and organizations of trinidad have turned their backs on cultural ascension. How long will trinidad continue to abuse and misuse it's children (culture)? This is why I dont get upset when another nation appeciates and does more for our art forms. This article really disappointed me and has me feeling disgusted. Trinidad has money for everything else but its own culture. A nation without a culture is a lost nation!!!!

We don not need them if they do not need us. Don't worry Barry; Jah is great so keep the faith. Ask The creator and your ancestors for help. They will never leave us unless, bro.


This isn't meant to offend or put anyone down, but recently in a casual conversation with someone, was aware of the difficulties Steelbands endure and wondered why doesn't the members of the governing body resign and form a more productive and vibrant association that would effectively deal with matters of such nature.                    

My reply was, THERE'S NO TRUE TOGETHERNESS AMONGST THE MEMBERSHIP, so everyone just has take whatever they get, if they do get.

On the other hand, I sincerely believe that all bands can become self sufficient. It's simply a matter of creating programs that would attract not only patronage, but also assistance. The business sector is always willing to get on board with initiatives that demonstrate development, purpose, and progress. They too would like some benefit from their participation. That is simply what business is all about.



I agree Larry, there isn't much togetherness in the Steelband fraternity as everyone is always competing. We at Starlift Junior Steel Orchestra are of the firm belief that "God helps those who help themselves" and for this reason, we were very proactive and were able to raise over $40,000 towards our trip to Canada. We had several fund raisers and even the business sector blanked us with assistance for these fund raisers. Starlift Junior Steel Orch is all about development of the youth and aiding in their progress as they enter their young adult lives. This group is a group of well choreographed music literate pannists with an outstanding repertoire of all genres that could match any other band (and better than some, both junior and senior bands). But you are indeed correct bands need to become self sufficient.
Barry, you said the band already raise $40,000.00...what is the total cost for the trip to Montreal.

no change in tnt it is so sad but pan will live on and God will bess pan men and women just keep on playing


How unfortunate for the Starlift Youths and how common of the T&T government. I am not surprised by the government's actions no matter who's in power, they act the same way. It's time for every steel band and it's so called governing body to start standing on their own two feet and stop waiting for the continual insults that the T&T government have waiting to offload on us!!! Some other country's government will recognize and accept this goldmine we call the steel pan.
It is very very disgusting and shameful, to see that Kamla or Camla and Mr Winston Peters and all of those so called politician, are treating our youth like they do not exist, when they are staying out of trouble and not running aroung in gangs, and doing drugs etc, but they will spend millions of dollars on chutney soca, something that cannot and will never represent Trinidad And Tobago, in any world competition, winston peters being a calypsonian and thiefing Jack in the box, should change their names to sookram and boodosingh those ass lickers, shame on them.
This was sad to hear. You guys will be missed in Montreal this year. Let's hope that Trinidad will wake up by next year!!. Continue doing what you are doing, the system will be beat. Bless!


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