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NY Panorama Insult

What came out of the loud speakers at the 2011 panorama was an insult to the pan community and to any rational music listening person. The sound of sweet pan and great musical arrangements were turned into a "heavy metal" assault with distortion and noise as the order of the evening.  Indeed, one had to be on acid or some other drug to digest what the sound engineers were feeding the audience.

With many of the legendary tuners of the art form's works on display, and the enormous investment in time and dedication by the players, it is time for NY Pan management to address the issue. You deserve better.

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There is alot of issue that should address in NY panorama that I would not get into it right now, but I do agree with what you are saying the sound systerm sucks and we as pan players/ lovers deserve better.
This is so true, the feeds were different for every band and it was beyond ridiculous. The first 5 band in particular were the worst of the lot. The pannists really deserved a lot better for the time, effort and heart put into their executions.

in the uk we dont even get mics


That's the ideal way to listen to pan, no mike. You get up close and personal and feel the vibe, pure steel, pan sweet pan just like in ah panyard or on the drag or here in Toronto when Pan alive was held at Fort York which is a public Park and the bands set up at an allocated spot and the adjudicators and paying audience come to each band to listen and enjoy. Yuh cyar complain when is ah FREE live stream not like 2011 Panorama and Carnival TV in HD. That was nice  dey spoil we but we might be paying next time though.
Yes you do!
I watched it streaming live online and the quality of the sound was really ridiculous. I hope this did not have an impact on the judging as this would be very unfair to the bands. The audio for Crossfire was so bad I could barely hear them for the distortion. I eventually had to just turn the volume off. The organizers have to do better by the pan men. Too much time and energy is spent on putting out this one performance to have it ruined by a bad sound system/engineer.

This unique art form deserved so much more and better, management needs a check up.


I often wonder whether  they need a sound system. It does not do justice to the pans and pan players.

My question is what can we do as a pan community to put these chnges into play. I felt so bad for some of the kids that I saw work so hard on getting and perfecting their song and then to loose panorama because of technical issue. This is truly sad and those judges should have known that something was not right, that is,  if they themselves were pan-player at any point in time. Even the people in the audience knew that the soundsystem was messing with tunes.


this is a problem that goes without fail every year. it's sad, but you expect it to happen..there's has got to be a way to speak the commitee that hires the sounds crew because i believe not enough planning goes into it at all.

Er hmm.

There is not a "committee" issue at work here.  it is well known in the ny pan community, that the organizers of the event, wiadca, utterly DESPISE pan, pan people, and all they stand for.  They speak to pan people, and about pan people, with open contempt.  They put up with the pan because it is one of their best 'so-called' sponsored events, and it their cash-cow.


The sound of the system and how it treats pan is of no interest to wiadca, and ironically illustrates just about how they feel about PAN - 'garbage.' This has gone on for year after year after year for decades, some years are much worse than others.  And this year was one of those.


Still, the NY pan people return to wiadca every year.  And they are disrespected in every manner, from the sound system, to the judges, to when they have to get passes to let the players to enter the museum to play, bands run into a lot of crap.  wiadca laughs all the way to the bank. 

And at the end of every panorama the president Yolanda Lezama-Clarke gets up and pats herself on the back after every show just before the results are announced like she did last night.  She just continues the awful and corrupt behavior of her father Carlos Lezama when he was president of wiadca, and her sidekick vice president Ken Faustin, and the rest of them who are that entire 'committee' that you speak off just roll over and prepare for the next year of abuse, knowing NY pan people will be back.



Well said my brother.. Couldn't of said it any better... 


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